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Anniversary Posters

Whether you attend an old country church celebrating 125 years or a growing church plant that’s successfully reached the ten-year mark, church anniversaries are milestones to be thankful for. Commemorate the event with a church poster that communicates the key highlights over the life of your church body and invites past and present members and attendees to join you for food, fun, and fellowship. Potlucks, picnics, and barbecues are always a hit, and your poster can even assign dishes to bring by last name – don’t forget the cookie salad! Hang your posters in the church lobby and share them on social media to extend your reach. You can design your own now with our quick and easy online editor.
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Church Anniversary Celebration Poster Template

Inform of the church-goers of your upcoming anniversary celebration by creating a unique poster. Choose from many different colors and fonts to add your message in and then add some pictures or graphics of your own to customize. Print from where you are for fast access to your posters or let us print for you.

Main Church Anniversary Celebration   Image
Church Anniversary Celebration Poster Template
18" x 24" Poster

Beautiful Church Anniversary Poster Template

Reach out to parishioners with details about an upcoming event with this poster to promote your church’s anniversary, ladies retreat, or upcoming VBS. Personalize your poster using our online editor, which allows you to create a beautiful design featuring your choice of colors, text, images, and more. You don’t need any design experience to become a design pro.

Church Anniversary Service Poster Template

Help congregants mark their calendars for your church’s anniversary service with a poster design running down the info they need. Choose a custom font and color scheme for your poster, add graphics and images, and then print your poster from your own location to get it in hand quickly. We also offer premium print services for a more professional look. Get started now.

Main Church Anniversary Service   Image
Church Anniversary Service Poster Template
24" x 36" Poster

Church Anniversary Picnic Poster Template

Make sure everyone in your community gets the 411 on your upcoming anniversary picnic with a poster running down your event’s deets. Give the pertinent information that recipients need in order to find you on picnic day, a list of ways they can help with the event, and information on how to contact you if needed. Begin the design process today.

Main Church Anniversary Picnic   Image
Church Anniversary Picnic Poster Template
11" x 17" Poster
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