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Car Wash Posters Template Preview
Display the details of your car wash’s varied services clearly and professionally by custom-designing your own collection of posters. Lay out your different wash levels and detailing services on one of our car wash poster templates. The tools in our online editor are a bit different from your usual scrub brush or vacuum, but they get the job done just the same. When there’s nothing left to wash, you can print your poster absolutely anywhere or share it any way you like. Give it a try now – you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain! read more
Promotional Car Wash Poster Template preview
Full Service Car Wash Poster Template preview
Car Wash Fundraiser Poster Template mgrioap1cr preview
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Car Wash Posters

Splish, splash like Bobby Darin as you give all those cars a bath – get the whole gang dancin’ on their own living room rug after they arrive home with a sparkling clean vehicle thanks to seeing your completely customized car wash poster.  MyCreativeShop has just the right one for you, whether your car wash is a full-service interior/exterior set-up, convenient pass-through touch free or soft touch wash, or a set of self-service wash bays.  Get onboard with our online editor and touch-up little details here and there or give the design a complete overhaul with your own pictures, color scheme, layout, and font.  Use the spacious real estate of your poster to feature your wash specials, and you’ll have a party goin’ on before you know it!

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