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School Flyer Templates

When you need to get the word out to the entire student body, faculty, or community about an event or program at your school, customizing your own innovative and informative flyer is the way to go. Our designers were all teacher’s pets, so they’ve put together a huge variety of school flyer templates for you to make your own – everything from clubs, dances, and after school programs to back to school registration and tutoring and everything in between. A few moments with our online editor is all it takes to have a fabulous flyer ready to share or print anywhere you like – get started now!

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After School Program Flyers

As a childcare worker or after school program administrator, you are often the unsung hero in the lives of countless children. Your commitment to their growth and development is what sets you apart. Convey your dedication and that of your after school program’s staff by customizing a bright, colorful, and informative flyer that rises to the head of the class.

As you personalize your after school program flyer, keep in mind that your finished material will likely need to appeal to parents and participants alike – parents need to have confidence in the people they entrust with their children, and kids ultimately want to enjoy the activities and programs they are involved in (whether they participate of their own volition or are being cared for while mom or dad is at work). Use photos and descriptions that connect with both groups and emphasize your program’s mission and daily routine.

MyCreativeShop’s design team has been hard at work creating a catalog of incredibly professional flyer templates for you to select from.  Scroll through, choose your favorite, then use the tools in our easy peasy lemon squeezy design editor to tweak the little things, upload photos, and share your program’s details, hours, and contact information. Satisfied with your finished product? Load your printer and hit “Print,” email it to your local print shop, or simply let us do the honors of printing and delivering you a premium document that will be the talk of the town (or at least the school lunchroom and playground!)

Distribute your completed flyer to the teachers and classrooms in the grade range you serve and ask them to send a copy home with each student. Hang others in key locations in your community – the school you operate out of, the local grocery store, and even the neighborhood ice arena, library, or gymnastics building. Soon you’ll be adding staff (and producing now hiring flyers) just to maintain your state-required caretaker to student ratio!

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School Counseling Flyers

School counselors are vital to the fabric of every elementary, middle, and high school. Your job is to encourage and invest in the students under your charge.  Connect with them by creating a personalized counseling flyer that each teacher distributes to his or her students.  Design a flyer that meets your students where they’re at (the needs of a kindergartener vastly differ from those of a high school senior).  Primary school services may include academic/needs testing, teaching life skills, conflict mediation, and just being a listening ear that they can trust.  In a secondary school, highlight career aptitude testing, college/career planning, general counseling, and intervention services, if applicable.  MyCreativeShop’s easy-to-use online editor will have you completing your flyer quickly so that you can spend the rest of your precious time on your students.

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School Photography Flyers

School picture day is filled with a strange combination of anticipation and dread. Which background do I choose? What clothes should I wear? Which package should I select? Resolve these burning questions and more for parents, teachers, and students alike by designing an informative and helpful school photographer flyer that gives them everything they need to lay those anxieties to rest. More choices = more stress, so resist the urge to offer dozens of backgrounds and/or packages. 3-5 package options, while calling out one as the “best value” or even “most popular,” is plenty. Use your photographer’s eye to select a handful of universally photo-friendly background choices. Our easy-peasy online editor will help you to streamline your thought process and churn out your flyer in minutes!

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Back To School Flyers

No more pencils, no more books, no more teacher’s… Wait a minute – wrong song, summer’s over! Time to get ready for the return of lockers slamming, pencils sharpening, and homework-eating dogs. Ensure a smooth and hassle-free welcome back by customizing and distributing informative back to school flyers to every student in your district. Our design team has been hitting the books to produce a great selection of back to school flyer templates for you to choose from, so step into our easy-as-ABC online editor to make one your own. Cover it in school colors, upload your logo or mascot, and include all the important details your students will need to prepare for a brand-new school year!

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School Dance Flyers

From Homecoming to Snowball to Prom, school dances are a rite of passage for most teens. If you’re on the Prom Committee, increase your ticket sales with a well-designed flyer that communicates your theme, ticket prices, date, and time, and encourages couples to sign up early to get a prime spot in your Grand March. Advertise commemorative merchandise available for purchase, such as keychains, glasses, and photo frames – make sure your guests know the deadline to complete and return their order forms. Make your dance a night to remember by designing and printing your own flyer with our easy-to-use online editor.

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