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Cultivate new (and continued!) client growth for your salon by implementing a worthwhile loyalty rewards program that encourages repeat visits, pre-booking, and product sales.  Promote your rewards program with a custom-designed flyer that lays out all the details – how points are earned and tracked, along with what they can be redeemed for.  List point-earning activities and values, like 1 point for every haircut or product purchase, 2 points for a color service, and 5 points for every successful client referral.  After 10 points are earned, offer the choice of a free haircut or salon credit towards another service or product purchase.  Not only will you cement your current customers’ loyalty, your program will have a multiplying effect on your client list and bottom line.  Our online editor will have you designing and printing your flyer before the perm rods have set!

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Hair Salon Loyalty Rewards Program Flyer Template

Size: 8.5" x 11"
Make sure your most loyal clientele understand the benefits of your hair salon’s rewards program with this flyer running down the 411. Use custom text to give recipients your deets, detail your reward levels and prizes, and more. A few clicks of the mouse and you’re flyer is ready for printing, so get started today.

Beauty Salon Rewards Program Flyer Template

Size: 4" x 9"
Get the word out about your rewards program with this flyer. Use it to advertise your special deals for loyal customers at your beauty salon, including examples of incentives such as free haircuts, half-price coloring deals, discount perms, and more. This valuable marketing tool is perfect for reaching out and grabbing more clients in need of a makeover.

Loyalty Rewards Program Hair Salon Flyer Template ws546guyqw

Size: 8.5" x 11"