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Child Care Flyers Template Preview
Announce your child care facility’s grand opening, alert parents to specials, and create buzz for center events with customized flyers. Our child care flyer templates put the ability to design custom flyers in your hands. With a few keyboard strokes and your own creativity, you can craft beautiful daycare flyers that draw the attention your center needs to become a success. Use our online editor to upload photos, add your own text, customize colors and fonts, and more. When your design’s on point, print it from your own location or let us handle the printing for you. read more
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When creating a child care flyer, your goal should be to put together a finished design that draws the reader (parent) in and answers the essential questions they have. Pull together your logo, high-quality images, original content, and the details of your branding strategy. Browse our catalog of child care flyer templates until you find the one that fits the vision you have. Apply your signature (playful!) color scheme, insert your logo, and replace any stock images with your own. Update the placeholder text with your own original content (including your dynamic heading) and choose a font or two to match your branding or stick with the existing styles in the template. Make sure your location and contact information stands out. For more on what your flyer should include, see our answer to “What to put on a child care flyer?”. Insert shapes, arrows, icons, and other add-ons to complete your design and give the entire document a thorough perusal for any errors or typos. Once you’ve given it a final seal of approval, print your child care flyers anywhere you like (including with us!).

In order to be effective, your child care flyer should grab the readers’ attention and then speak to their questions and concerns. To catch the eye of passersby, using bright colors, vivid images, and playful fonts is essential. Capturing the hearts and minds of parents who read your flyer requires that you also include the practical details: your location, ages you accept, the price of tuition, your child care philosophy, and your child-to-caregiver ratio. Your logo and contact information are also necessary inclusions.