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Drum up some new business (or reinvigorate your existing client base) by putting out a one-of-a-kind flyer showcasing your menu, pricing plans, or seasonal offerings. Choose from our array of professionally-crafted catering flyer templates, then spend a few minutes in our online editor to make it your own. Printing is always up to you – print with us, do it yourself, or send it to your usual guy (or gal!), no questions asked! read more
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Oven Door Catering Service Flyer Template preview
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Catering Flyers

Set yourself apart from the rest of the culinary competition by cooking up a customized catering flyer that puts your catering business out front. We’ve got a venerable buffet of professionally-designed templates for you to choose from.  Take a look - you’ll find everything from menu flyers, pricing options, and a list of services offered to a selection of sale promos and holiday specials. Pick your favorite, then employ our easy-as-luscious-chocolate-caramel-pie online editor to give it your own flavor.  Upload a few key photos or mix some in from our library of stock images.  Once your finished product is ready to serve, print it out yourself or delegate that role on the line to us – we’ll  make sure it’s Gordon Ramsay-perfect before we send it back to you!

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To create a catering flyer for your business, begin by gathering together all of your inputs. Then, look through our catalog of catering flyer templates to find the right one for you. Begin the customization process by replacing the sample logo and images with your own, applying your signature on-brand color scheme, and updating the placeholder text with your original content. Choose up to two fonts to fit your brand and insert shapes, icons, arrows, and more with relative ease. Make sure your heading clearly lays out your call to action (CTA) and that everything else on the flyer supports the overall theme. Verify that your contact details are easily found, then proofread the entire project for both clarity and accuracy. With that accomplished, you’re ready to print!

When crafting a flyer for your catering business, there are a handful of obvious inclusions. First, the name of your catering company and your logo should always be prominently placed and easy to find. You’ll also want to include your best contact information, whether that be a phone number, email address, or directions to visit your website. People eat with their eyes first, so including mouth-watering images of your signature dishes is essential to grabbing and keeping their attention. Depending on the purpose of your catering flyer, you may want to consider a few other additions. If you are creating a catering pricing flyer, you’ll want to include your package and a la carte options and their corresponding prices. When designing a catering promotional Sale flyer, share the details of your special offer, including dates and terms & restrictions. Putting together a catering services offered flyer will require you to list and describe the different types of services you offer (table service, buffet style, etc.). Regardless of the goal of your flyer, keep your branding strategy in mind with your color scheme and font choices to ensure that all of your marketing materials are easily identified as being a part of your business’s repertoire.