Political Door Hanger Templates

Add some weight to your next door-knocking campaign by bringing along custom-designed door hangers promoting your candidacy or ballot initiative that give your platform staying power. The activist designers at MyCreativeShop have put together a selection of political door hanger templates for you to choose from, and our online editor makes the personalization process almost as easy as shaking hands and kissing babies. Feel free to cross party lines and print your door hangers anywhere you like – you won’t hurt our feelings!
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Political Door Hangers

Door-to-door campaigning is a major part of any successful political campaign—but what happens when the homeowner isn’t home? With MyCreativeShop, the answer is simple: leave behind a well-designed political door hanger that puts your message directly in your constituents’ hands!

Door hangers may be a dime a dozen in political campaigns and local elections, but you don’t have to settle for a basic, one-size-fits-all design that does little to capture your voters’ interest. We offer political door hanger templates that are professionally designed and can be perfectly customized to match your campaign tone, reflect your party affiliation, and inspire voters to take action in support of your cause.

Even with no design background, you can create one-of-a-kind campaign door hangers right from your own computer—and order premium, fast-shipped prints with just a few extra clicks! Our foolproof online editor, user-friendly customization tools, and guaranteed delivery dates make political door ads easier than ever. 

There’s no need to hire an expensive political marketing firm or resort to amateur-looking materials printed off your own office equipment. We’ll make your campaign look as polished and professional as you do, for a fraction of time and cost. Choose a template now, and you’ll be ready to print in minutes.

Print-Ready Political Door Hanger Templates

Whether you’re campaigning for the very first time or coming up for reelection in a tough district, door hangers are an essential component of your “get out the vote” toolkit. At the same time, though, there are hundreds of other things for you and your campaign staff to worry about—which likely includes dozens of other print marketing materials alone!

That’s why MyCreativeShop makes it so quick and easy to choose, customize, and print your political door hangers. We realize that you have more pressing campaign issues that require your full attention, so we’ve simplified the design process for you. Step by step, here’s how it works:

  1. Browse our vast library of political door hanger templates, which you can conveniently filter by size or view manually.
  2. Click on any template you like. (Every design element you see in the template can be easily tailored or even completely changed by you.)
  3. In our editor, make all the design changes you want by filling our preset placeholders with your own text, photos, campaign slogan, and logo. 
  4. If you want to go even more in depth with your design, continue making unlimited revisions to fonts, colors, layout, text, images, patterns, and more. We even have a built-in library of professional stock photos you can use!
  5. As soon as you’re done personalizing your door hanger template, click save and then print or download it immediately.

With MyCreativeShop, the entire design process is in your hands! Depending on how many customizations you make, your election door hangers could be finished in a single sitting—between staff meetings, before your next stump speech, or on the go to your next campaign rally. You can even save your design and come back to finish it on any computer, any time.

Small Enough to Carry Around, Large Enough to Grab Attention

Our political door hangers come in two standard sizes:

  • 4.25” x 11” 
  • 3.5” x 8.5” 

Both template sizes include full-bleed printing on both sides of the page, giving you twice the space to fill with beautiful imagery and bold text. Don’t be shy about your campaign message, either! Say it loud and proud using attention-grabbing colors and action-oriented phrases. Tell voters exactly what you want them to do and how to get involved with your campaign—whether that’s casting their vote at the ballot box, joining your local volunteer group, or sharing the word on social media and tagging your campaign. 

Door hangers may be relatively small, but when designed thoughtfully, there’s plenty of space to inspire action!

Want Larger Campaign Materials? We’ve Got Those Too

Political door hangers are very well sized for their intended use, but sometimes you need to make a larger visual impact. After all, what would a nomination convention be without banners to welcome attendees or stickers to proudly identify party affiliation? What would a local election be without eye-catching yard signs dotting every lawn in sight?

For all of your campaign marketing needs—large or small—MyCreativeShop is here to help! Check out our other political print marketing options to create a cohesive, well-designed campaign strategy that blankets your community and meets your voters everywhere they go:

Premium Prints with a Guaranteed Delivery Date

Whether you’re creating a single political door hanger or an entire suite of campaign materials, you can sign up for professional prints with just a few clicks. As soon as you’ve finished tweaking your design, click save to place your print order.

Our door hanger printing options include:

  • Flexible quantities, from 250 to 25,000
  • Affordable prices, even for smaller print runs
  • Durable, high-quality cardstock that stands up to wear and tear
  • High-gloss, water-resistant finish on one or both sides (your choice!)
  • Guaranteed delivery dates
  • MyCreativeShop’s satisfaction guarantee

You can place your print order and then completely forget about it, knowing that your election door hangers will arrive exactly when you need them. They come precut with the doorknob hole and slit, so all you’ll need to do is put them in the hands of your door-to-door campaigners.

Download a PDF to Print Anywhere You Like

If you’d prefer to work with a local print shop for your new door hangers (which could be a great way to earn some voter loyalty), that’s no problem for us! Instead of ordering prints through our editor, choose the download option to get a high-resolution, print-ready PDF immediately. Take the PDF to any print shop, and they’ll know exactly what to do.

With MyCreativeShop, you can spend less time and money designing your campaign materials and more time putting those materials to use. In a matter of minutes, you can create your own political door hangers while saving on print costs, too. Choose a template, customize it right now, and get back to door-knocking!

Available Sizes:
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  • 300 DPI PDF - Print at home (no bleed)
  • 300 DPI PDF - Commercial Print (full bleed)
  • Web Quality JPG
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Tips to get you started on designing, printing & promoting your Political Door Hangers

Creating an effective political door hanger is much easier than you may think. Begin by browsing our catalog of campaign door hanger templates to find the one that gets your vote. Apply your campaign color scheme, then upload your headshot and/or campaign logo (often a graphic that’s a creative play on your name or the cause you’re promoting) and use them in place of the template’s stock images and sample logo. Use our text box tool to swap your organization or candidate’s name and platform details with the placeholder text in the template and modify the font in any way you like. Since the FEC requires a disclaimer on all political advertisements, make sure to clearly state that your door hanger is “paid for by” the committee funding the project. Our editor makes it easy to simply insert a text box at the bottom of your door hanger for this disclaimer. Include your social media handles and make them stand out by inserting the corresponding social icons. Proofread your finished project multiple times, then send it off to print!

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