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When your church launches a new community outreach program or event, it can be difficult to ensure that everyone who can benefit from or participate in the outreach actually KNOWS about it.  Enhance the [out]reach of your ministry by customizing an eye-catching and informative selection of door hangers that can be distributed throughout your community.  These door hangers should contain all the important details of the planned outreach (date, time, location) along with a compelling description of the ministry and its purpose (Re-distribution of food and other goods from local grocery stores and restaurants to those in need, winter coat or clothing drive for homeless families, or even an organized effort to clean up and beautify a local playground).  MyCreativeShop’s online editor enables you to share the “why” in every step of the design process – your passion is ours, too!

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Grace Church Outreach Door Hanger Template

Multiple Versions Available
Expand the mission of your church or house of worship with this outreach door hanger that you make yourself using your online editor. Whether you are inviting the locals out for Vacation Bible School, a women's retreat, or some other church event, this door hanger is a good way to leave your message behind even if no one is there when you canvas the neighborhood. Begin the design process today, and print your door hangers right from your own printer.

Grace Church Outreach Door Hanger Template 3

Multiple Versions Available

Church Youth Outreach Door Hanger Template

Size: 4.25" x 11"
Make your next door-to-door membership drive more successful by leaving behind your youth group’s details on a custom door hanger. Include pertinent details for youth that are interested in joining your group, including how to contact you, what types of activities your group participates in, and more. Design your door hanger in minutes. Get started now.

Church Outreach Program Door Hanger Template

Size: 4.25" x 11"
Reach out to passerbyers and the locals and invite them to come to your church by design a personalized door hanger. Customize by choosing from a wide variety of colors, fonts, graphics and add images of your own. Get started today by printing from where you are or let us print from you.