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Nutrition Brochure Templates

Educate your prospective clients about the nutrition-related services you offer by customizing your own set of nutrition brochures that also let them know they CAN make a change – with your help!

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Consultation Nutrition Brochures

Nutritional therapy and counseling can help anyone, but especially those who are experiencing digestive issues, going through cancer treatment, or living with a medical condition (such as diabetes or heart disease) that requires a special diet.  Connect with those who are looking for your expertise by designing a nutrition consultation brochure that gives them all the details.  Describe what nutritional counseling is, along with who can benefit.  Highlight your services and fees, beginning with the initial consultation and what it involves, then any follow-up consultations and what will be addressed, and, finally, end with any group counseling options.  Don’t forget to include your qualifications and contact information.  Cook up the ideal consultation brochure with our easy as pie online editor – except calorie- and sugar-free!

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Nutrition Education Brochures

As a nutritionist or registered dietician, you are an expert on the best fuel for the human body.  Put your expertise to good use by designing a dynamic and informative nutrition education brochure. Begin with your foundational nutrition education tool – either the traditional food pyramid or the recently introduced MyPlate.  From there, describe each section (whether plate or pyramid) in detail (Fruits, Veggies, Grains, Protein, Dairy). Include helpful, practical tips that allow the body to function at its optimum capacity.  Include a section of other resources (websites, meal plans, apps) that complement the educational material in your brochure.  Use MyCreativeShop’s online editor frequently as a key part of a well-rounded design diet!

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