Charity Brochure Templates

If you’re in search of an all-in-one marketing tool to reach every one of your charity’s stakeholders, look no further than a super-professional brochure that you customize yourself. The bi- and tri-fold pages of our charity brochure templates provide plenty of space to share impactful descriptions of your services, ways to volunteer, and opportunities to donate. Our easy-to-use design tools make it a breeze to change up any elements of the overall look to achieve the best possible finished product. Share your finished brochure absolutely everywhere – print it, post it, email it, tweet it – the options are practically endless!
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Blank Brochure
Main Stop Hunger Charity    Image
Stop Hunger Charity Bi-Fold Brochure Template
11" W x 8.5" H Brochure
Main Charity Running Event    Image
Charity Running Event Bi-Fold Brochure Template
11" W x 8.5" H Brochure
Main Animal Charities    Image
Animal Charities Bi-Fold Brochure Template
11" W x 8.5" H Brochure

Charity Brochures

Transparency plays a vital role in a donor’s decision to support any charitable organization. Give prospective funders and volunteers an in-depth look at who you are, what you do, and why you do it by sharing a custom designed brochure that goes deep. MyCreativeShop’s designers have put together an ever-improving selection of professionally-crafted charity brochure templates that get the job done with integrity. Choose the right one for you, then use our easy-breezy design editor to fill its pages with your mission statement, financial accountability standards, program/service descriptions, staff bios, and a brief organizational history. Upload your org and program logo(s) and photos and customize the layout and color scheme until you are completely satisfied with the finished product. Print your brochure anywhere you like, then distribute it generously to existing and prospective stakeholders alike!

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Tips to get you started on designing, printing & promoting your Charity Brochures

Writing a brochure for a charity should feel a lot like sharing your passion for the cause your charity supports with someone you meet in the course of your everyday life. A charity brochure becomes magical when you discover a way to transfer that ardor into a combination of written words and images. Before designing your charity brochure, gather together the elements that will make your brochure great, including your logo, high-quality images, supporting statistics and financial details/needs (if applicable), and your branding strategy. You’ll also want to put your elevator pitch (including your call to action or CTA) into writing. 

Once you’ve gathered your inputs and decided on your messaging, it’s simply a matter of choosing one of our charity brochure templates to customize. Then, apply your signature color scheme, replace the sample logo and images with your own, and update all the placeholder text. Choose one or two fonts to share your message and use the tools in our online editor to insert shapes, arrows, icons, text, and more to create supplemental graphics that support your CTA. As always, thoroughly proofread your finished brochure before ordering up prints from us or any print shop you like to ensure that nothing detracts from your mission!

A charity brochure is intended to motivate people to give financially or offer up their time or other resources in support of your beloved cause. In order to do this, you’ll need to both inspire and educate them. You most likely already have your elevator pitch down pat, but if you don’t (or have no idea what that means), take the time to figure yours out. An elevator pitch is what you end up with when you distill your messaging down into something you could share with a fellow elevator passenger (or someone you meet in the grocery store, etc.) that would give them a clear picture of who you are, what you do, and why you do it. Being able to effectively share your passion for what you do in as few words as possible is essential to grabbing the attention and interest of prospective donors, volunteers, and stakeholders alike. On the folds of your charity brochure, you have the space to expand on that elevator pitch slightly (even supporting your words with high-quality photos and supplemental charts/graphs), but keeping it simple is always the best way to convey your message effectively. Remember, anyone walking away from that elevator should also be very clear on what it is you want them to do about what you’ve shared - this is your call to action, or CTA, and is essential to garnering support for your charity.

Details that give credibility to your charity’s trustworthiness and financial integrity are also incredibly helpful to work in. This may mean posting your most recent GAAP financial statements on your website and including that link in your brochure. You can also let the reader know that your prior year Form 990s are always available on Guidestar for review. Giving potential donors confidence in your stewardship of their gifts is incredibly necessary as you seek to spread the word about the cause that is so close to your heart. Sharing how the reader can learn more or get involved (contact information) is also a key component of your brochure. 

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