Weight Loss Flyers

You might be a Bob Harper-like combo of a personal trainer, nutritionist, and life coach, a medical spa professional specializing in helping others achieve their desired body shape through non-invasive procedures or any one of the above. No matter your profession, you are committed to assisting clients on their weight loss journey.  Share that dedication with potential clients by customizing one of our dynamic weight loss flyer templates.  All it takes is a quick perusal of our professionally-designed options and a few minutes in our super-simple design editor, and then you’ll be on your way to papering your town with a fab flyer.  The entire process is exponentially easier than the work required to help a client keep their New Year’s resolution in the face of Biggest Loser-style temptation challenges – office candy bowl, anyone?

Weight Loss Posters

Losing weight isn’t usually easy – which is why you’re able to make a career out of helping people shed unwanted pounds!  Trying to lose weight alone, without any accountability or encouragement, can be an uphill (15% incline) climb.  Come alongside those who are journeying alone - offer your assistance by catching their eye with a professionally-designed and customized by you weight loss poster that points them in the right direction.  Choose from our inventory of available templates and pick the one that best suits you (whether you’re a personal trainer, nutritionist, motivator, medical spa professional, or a jack of all trades).  Our online editor makes it quick and easy for you to complete a poster that not only gives potential clients confidence in your skills but also enables them to feel confident in THEIR ability to reach their goals (with your help)!

Weight Loss Brochures

Losing weight isn’t just about seeing the number on the scale go down.  It’s about changing the way you see and carry yourself as you move about the world.  Attract new clients to your business by customizing a weight loss brochure that encourages the reader to consider their ultimate goal as they seek to make a tangible physical change, while also showcasing how your skills and expertise can help them along the way (whether you’re a personal trainer, registered dietitian, life coach, weight loss support group leader, or specialize in alternative weight loss/body shaping methods at a medical spa).  MyCreativeShop has the right brochure for you – peruse our options and get started in our online editor once you’ve found “the one.”  Include your own story and methods, along with testimonials that encourage prospective clients that they are not alone, and change IS possible.  When you’re satisfied with the end result, print it yourself or let us do it for you, leaving more time for you to help your next client!