School Counselor Brochures

The office of the school counselor is often overlooked – until it’s needed.  Make sure your students, their parents, and their teachers are up-to-date on what your office provides by designing a counseling brochure that gives a comprehensive overview of your abilities and counseling offerings.  A well-organized tri-fold brochure is ideal for new student and back-to-school packets.  Every teacher should also have a supply in their desk drawer to hand out at parent/teacher conferences or directly to a student who could benefit from meeting with you.  Your brochure should describe both the formal (testing, mediation, scheduling) and informal (office hours for drop-ins) services you offer.  Utilize the formal (and informal) tools in our online editor to design just the right counseling brochure for you and your students.

School Counseling Flyers

School counselors are vital to the fabric of every elementary, middle, and high school. Your job is to encourage and invest in the students under your charge.  Connect with them by creating a personalized counseling flyer that each teacher distributes to his or her students.  Design a flyer that meets your students where they’re at (the needs of a kindergartener vastly differ from those of a high school senior).  Primary school services may include academic/needs testing, teaching life skills, conflict mediation, and just being a listening ear that they can trust.  In a secondary school, highlight career aptitude testing, college/career planning, general counseling, and intervention services, if applicable.  MyCreativeShop’s easy-to-use online editor will have you completing your flyer quickly so that you can spend the rest of your precious time on your students.

School Counseling Posters

Your choice to become a school counselor was grounded in your desire to help students grow and succeed.  Reach out to the kids walking the hallways of your primary or secondary school with an inspiring and fully-customized school counseling poster.  Encourage them to come to you with both their struggles AND their joys – let them know you are here to invest in them! In addition to being someone they can talk to, lay out the formal services your office provides (academic testing, college prep, career planning, conflict mediation, class scheduling), along with ways they can connect with you (email, phone, office hours).  Use our online editor to build not only a great poster, but to build your students’ trust as well!