The Graphic Design Tool For Political Campaigns

Easily Design Your Own Campaign Flyers, Signs & More.

Campaign Flyers

In any campaign, the goal of a candidate is to connect with constituents in a way that generates trust and loyalty, in hopes of securing their votes on election day. Make that connection with your community members by distributing customized campaign flyers that make an impression. Grab one of our professionally-designed campaign flyer templates, then make it your own with a walk through our online design tool. Upload photos and graphics, select your color scheme, and customize the text and structure to clearly lay out your platform and promises. Print anywhere you like - with MyCreativeShop’s design team and online editor as your running mates, you’ll be unstoppable!

Campaign Yard Signs

Whether you’re aiming to be the next President of the United States or just campaigning for a seat on the school board, it’s important to keep your name out in front of the voters.  Add our online editor to your campaign team and personalize a professional-looking political yard sign that wins the hearts and minds of your constituents. Upload your headshot and make sure to include at least your last name and the office you’re running for.  Depending on your preferences and available space, include key bullet points from your platform, a catchy campaign slogan, or just your website address.  Make sure to make it your own, and remember – politics IS perception (not just a throwaway line from “The American President”)!

Campaign Posters

For many voters, connecting with a candidate is about a combination of politics AND personality. Often, they are looking for someone who shares their views and inspires them to believe in what they have to offer. Why not show off your likeable side with a custom-designed campaign poster? Invite prospective supporters and constituents to a town hall-style Q&A, contribute to the ‘get out the vote’ movement in your area, or lay out your campaign platform in plain English. We’ve put together a collection of campaign poster templates for you to customize. Narrow down your choices, then utilize our online design editor to add your personality to the frontrunner. We’re happy to print your finished posters for you, or you can always take the PDF file to your neighborhood print shop to generate a bit more community support – happy [campaign] trails!

Campaign Signs

Don’t be the only candidate without a signage presence in your community this election season – unless your name is Mickey Mouse, most voters aren’t going to give you their vote unless they at least recognize your name. Draw in the responsible ballot-casters with custom-designed campaign posters, banners, and yard signs that shout your name and platform in BIG font to every passerby in the vicinity. Our design team is keenly aware of the necessary details required of campaign advertising materials, so they are continually developing new campaign sign templates to help you win by a landslide. Take our online editor for a spin as you upload photos and throw in a memorable campaign slogan – like “Tippecanoe and Tyler Too” (William Henry Harrison) or “Don’t Swap Horses When Crossing Streams” (Honest Abe). Print your finished signs locally or let us earn your vote – we won’t let you down!

Campaign Stickers

On the hunt for a quick and easy way to market your campaign for public office? Encourage your constituents to stick with you for the long haul by handing out custom-designed campaign stickers left and right (pun intended!). The top-notch design team at MyCreativeShop is already ahead of you on the trail and has produced a full ticket of campaign sticker templates that will give your supporters a simple way to share their enthusiasm for your candidacy. A quick race through our online design editor gives you eminent domain over every aspect of the creative process. Print your stickers yourself or delegate to our fabulous printing services. Hand your stickers out at rallies, parades, town halls, and public appearances, then get ready to ace the exit polls!

Campaign Door Hangers

Give your door-to-door campaigning an extra boost by leaving a “Sorry we missed you!” door hanger laying out your platform and key campaign event dates and details on every unopened door in the neighborhood. Pick one of our professionally-designed campaign door hanger templates and get to work by forging a partnership across the aisle with the tools in our easy-to-use online design editor. Reform as much or as little of the overall design as you like, then hit print when you’re satisfied with your revisions. We can drop a stack of high-quality printed door hangers on your front step, or you can take your final PDF to any printer you like. Once you have your door hangers in hand, get ready to shake a few hands and kiss some babies!