Physical Therapy Brochures

Patients looking for therapy have questions—give them the answers they seek with info provided via your own customized physical therapy brochures. When it comes to choosing a PT, patients have options, so convincing them you’re the best one is a tough row to hoe. Use your brochure to show off your creds and training, your facilities and equipment, and your friendly, competent team members. A rundown of services, hours or operation, insurance plans accepted or payment plans offered, and special perks is also useful when patients are weighing their choices. Get busy customizing your informative bifold or trifold brochure today!

Physical Therapy Flyers

Build and establish your physical therapy practice by creating a customized flyer that shares your skills and abilities with those who need you.  Upload a professional photo of you working with a patient and include a list of your certifications and past work experiences.  Highlight your specialties and a glowing client testimonial or two. Distribute your flyer to physicians, medical professionals, and even massage therapists who work with patients within your focus area.  For example, athletic trainers should have a stack of flyers on hand if you specialize in rehabbing sports injuries.  Surgical offices should be well-supplied if surgical recovery is your cup of tea.  Draw in chronic pain sufferers by providing their masseuse with your flyers – use our online editor to bring your flyer to life today!

Physical Therapy Posters

Looking for a way to generate new clients for your physical therapy practice with minimal effort?  MyCreativeShop’s online editor is here to help you design a compelling physical therapy poster that represents you to a “T.” Hang your poster in the gyms, clinics, surgical offices, and other gathering places in your community.  Promote your practice in locations that those in need of your services might frequent – if you specialize in rehabbing athletic injuries, your posters should be hung where athletes will see them regularly and remember your name.  If stroke recovery is your focus, place your posters in clinics, hospitals, and even nursing homes.  Design and print yours now, before your potential clients are snatched up by someone else!

Physical Therapy Postcards

Making a name for yourself in the physical therapy world can be a challenge, unless you happen to gain fame organically by working with a well-known client or organization.  Grow your own patient list by designing and sending out a dynamic postcard that gives potential clients to contact you when they need a therapy plan.  Upload a professional headshot or action photo of you on the job, and lay out your contact information, practice location, and certifications.  Point out your areas of expertise (athletics, post-surgery recovery, TBI rehabilitation) and build trust by highlighting testimonials from your success stories.  Use our online editor to design and print your postcards with no recovery time!

Physical Therapy Business Cards

Bolster your physical therapy patient roster organically by designing an informative and eye-catching business card and distributing a few to your current (or past) PT client success stories for them to share with others.  Use a color scheme that fits your therapy style and point-of-view.  Include your contact information, including your practice location, phone numbers, email address, and social media connections.  List your certifications and qualifications and the alphabet soup behind your name.  Highlight your practice specialties (athletics, stroke recovery, spine injury rehab) as well as any organizations you are affiliated with, like Crossfit®, USA Tennis®, AAU®, or the NCAA®.  Our online editor makes the design process easier than the most basic range of motion exercise you have in your toolbox – create a business card that generates patient confidence now!