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Grand Opening Ideas

Planning your grand opening can seem like a monumental task, so take it one step (or as the age-old saying goes, “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!”) at a time! Consider your industry and your audience as you brainstorm.  Launching a new family-style Italian restaurant?  Host an appropriately-named (and invitation-only) “Friends and Family” event prior to your public grand opening to get valuable, actionable feedback from those who know you best before your big debut.  Give your staff (and yourself) a chance to work out the kinks with a dress rehearsal ahead of opening night. 

Perhaps you are striking out on your own with a new auto repair shop – give your customer pool an incentive to take a chance on the “new guy” (or girl) by offering and promoting a grand opening service discount.  New insurance agencies can build up their client rosters from the get-go with smartly-laid out marketing materials that share the benefits of switching during grand opening week – a one-time or ongoing discount for new clients who get in on the ground floor makes them feel valued and important. 

Attract new clients to occupy a chair at your hair salon or spa by offering a service discount ($10 off a cut & color, half-price wash & style, or book 2 perms, get 1 free) when clients book with a new stylist during their first week.  At the same time, simply promoting an open house-style event that includes coffee & cookies or a catered lunch along with the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about your business is a great way to celebrate your grand opening, regardless of the industry space you occupy.

Once you’ve finalized your plan, hop on over to MyCreativeShop to customize an array of marketing materials to suit your needs.  Design friends & family invites, custom grand opening flyers, put together an enticing postcard or two, and even an eye-catching sign or banner!  Our online editor simplifies the process to “one bite at a time” decisions – templates, layouts, fonts, photos, colors – we won’t bog you down!  Our goal is to see you succeed, so we are constantly working to improve and expand on our design tools and templates to meet your needs. 

Your completed projects are yours to do with as you wish – print them yourself or let us do it for you.  All projects can be saved as a PDF and attached to an email that you distribute to your mailing list or even posted to your social media pages.  Start your business venture off on the right foot by giving us the first slot on your dance card!

Grand Opening Flyers

Get your community (in-person or virtual) excited about launch day with a one-of-a-kind flyer that draws them in to your new brick-and-mortar location or fledgling online retail site. MyCreativeShop’s team of designers is always creating new and inspiring grand opening flyer templates that can be customized to meet your specific needs. Our online editor’s toolbox makes the entire process a snap. Gather your best photos, graphics, and content, along with a solid understanding of your brand and its image, and get started now. Create a flyer that embodies your business and its personality to a T. Your finished project is easily shareable on every platform – print, email, and social media – so you’re not limited in any way!

Grand Opening Banners

The first day of your business’s launch is inevitably filled with a million different emotions, worries, and tasks to accomplish.  Ease your mind and check a big one off your to-do list by customizing one of our eye-catching grand opening banner templates.  Include key details, like the date and time of the big day, any opening day or week discounts or special events, and the obviously necessary “Grand Opening.”  Choose a template and design theme that best reflects your business and your personality.  Hang your banner on your storefront.  Throw in some red ribbon, a giant scissors, and maybe even the local chamber of commerce and you’ll have yourself a regular community event!  Get started with our online editor today.