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With MyCreativeShop’s Editor

Using our online editor transforms you from mild-mannered travel agent to graphic designer with just a few clicks of your mouse and strokes of your keyboard. Our editing tool was designed by professionals and it’s easy-to-use interface lets you create a professional flyer using a customizable template. Choose from a variety of templates to create the perfect travel flyer that will capture the eye of your clients looking for their next travel destination – and see a fast uptick in your sales numbers.

What Can You Do With Your Travel Flyers?

Flyers are a great way to get the word out about your business. Let clients know about available vacation packages, current deals your agency is offering, and popular travel destinations waiting to be explored. Mail out your travel flyers, post them on community bulletin boards, or go digital and reach a large online audience with a blast to Facebook or Twitter to keep prospective clients dreaming of tropical locales, dream vacations to Paris, and weekend mountain getaways for couples.

Connect With Adventurers Using Travel Flyers

Your travel flyers put the world at your fingertips when it comes to reaching your target audience. There are a multitude of ways to appeal to prospective travelers using your flyers. You can use them to:

Advertise vacation packages

Let clients know about destinations they can travel to as well as trip itineraries and pricing options. Use beautiful photos of inviting beaches, luxurious hotel suites, and beckoning hot tubs to get their imaginations going.

Promote current deals

Are plane tickets on sale for a particular destination on a certain date? Is that five-star ski lodge offering a family package? Get the word out, and see sales climb.

Inform travelers of fun activities they can do on their vacation

Is there an amusement park or beach near popular travel destinations? Your clients will want to know about them – after all, entertainment options play a defining role in helping adventurers choose where to travel next.

Showcase hotels available for them when they reach their chosen locale

Your clients will need a place to stay while they’re on vacation or when traveling for work, so let them know what options are available.

Introduce yourself

Clients looking for a vacation destination will want to know their travel plans are in good hands, whether they’re planning a multi-country trip to Europe of an island-hopping excursion to the Caribbean. Flaunt your expertise and credentials to win their trust.

Why Make Custom Travel Flyers With Us?


The traveling industry is competitive, but with a professional looking marketing tool such as travel flyers, clients will know that your company has the experience to successfully help them plan their vacation or trip. Our online editor is a breeze to use – all you have to do is modify the design elements, upload the images you want featured on your flyer, and input the text info in the appropriate fields, and voila – you’ve got a flyer that looks like a professional designed it. Designing flyers using our templates is fun and affordable, so even smaller businesses on a tight budget can afford to invest in this marketing tool option. Explore your options now!


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