1. Wedding Photography Flyers

Brides are looking to fall in love with their wedding photographer (or at least your work) – don’t disappoint them! Design a whimsical, romantic wedding photography flyer that embodies your photographic perspective. List package options (Engagement + Rehearsal Dinner + Bridal Party Prep + Wedding + Reception or any combination of the five) and prices (don’t make them guess!). Write up your wedding photo philosophy – share your heart and your passion for capturing their most significant life moments. Include your contact details and social media info to give them more insight into your work. Cultivate the relationship and build clients for life!

2. School Photography Flyers

School picture day is filled with a strange combination of anticipation and dread. Which background do I choose? What clothes should I wear? Which package should I select? Resolve these burning questions and more for parents, teachers, and students alike by designing an informative and helpful school photographer flyer that gives them everything they need to lay those anxieties to rest. More choices = more stress, so resist the urge to offer dozens of backgrounds and/or packages. 3-5 package options, while calling out one as the “best value” or even “most popular,” is plenty. Use your photographer’s eye to select a handful of universally photo-friendly background choices. Our easy-peasy online editor will help you to streamline your thought process and churn out your flyer in minutes!

3. Family Photography Flyers

Whether your family photography POV is on the candid, un-posed, natural light, lifestyle end of the spectrum or falls into more of a traditional, posed, portrait-focused style, drawing in new families to your client list is essential to building and maintaining your business. Share your vision with potential subjects by designing your very own family photography flyer. Upload a few photos that encapsulate your point of view. Feature a brief biography or mission statement – your “why” – to allow clients to connect with you as a person. Highlight your contact details and links to your online galleries. Our online editor allows you to create a flyer that represents you and your style!


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