Design Grand Opening Flyers

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Your custom grand opening flyers start with your idea and a visit to MyCreativeShop. Our customer-facing user interface brings your idea to life in minutes, even if you have zero design experience. Select a template that embodies the essence of your business, and then use our online editor to mold that template into a custom flyer for your grand opening. Upload your own photos to showcase what you’re offering, your storefront, yourself, or your staff, or choose from images in our premium stock photo gallery. Add your logo, graphics, artwork, text, and more, and then play around with your design to make it all your own.

What Can You Do With Your Grand Opening Flyers?


Old school marketing with flyers puts a personable feel on your grand opening, whether this is your first location or your fourth. Use your flyers to help prospective clients and customers understand what you’re all about and give them the incentive to drop by and check you out. Pass your flyers out by hand, partner with area businesses to pass them out for you during the point-of-sale, and pin them to bulletin boards in community centers, and other places where your target market may venture. Take social media by storm with a digital version of your flyer broadcast into the Twittersphere and on Facebook.

Design Ideas For Grand Opening Flyers

Gym Grand Opening Flyers

Make your new gym the workout facility that sticks in everyone’s minds and keeps them coming back! With many other fitness options to choose from in your community, set your gym apart from the rest by starting off your grand opening right! A well done promotional piece is key! Highlight all your new facility offers in your grand opening flyer. Showcase what your members will be a part of, such as a new modern building, top of the line equipment, and multiple exercise class offerings. Create a buzz of excitement so everyone will want to check out your new gym!

More Ideas for Grand Opening Flyers

Make your custom grand opening flyers as unique as your business. There’s no right or wrong design; let your imagination be your guide. Some top ideas for your grand opening flyers include these tried-and-true favorites:

Introduce yourself

Whether you’re setting up a tattoo parlor or opening a new doggie salon, people want to know who you are and what sort of expertise you have. Detail it all on your grand opening flyer.

Offer a “first-come, first-served” special

Announce that you’re giving out a free item or other promos to the first 50 or 100 people through your door; people love freebies, and they’ll line up to be among the first to patronize your establishment.

Give them a once-in-a-lifetime special

If you’re offering a bargain on a particular item or service, broadcast it to the masses for maximum traffic on opening day.

Announce perks you offer

Will your business have a shopper rewards program or loyalty program? Anything you offer that sets you apart from the competition is fair game for drawing customers in.

How can they find you?

Give potential patrons multiple ways to contact you and learn more about your business. Your website URL, Facebook page, and email along with your regular phone and address ensures they can always reach out.

Why Make Custom Grand Opening Flyers With Us?

Your business’ first impression is it's most important, and flyers customized with MyCreativeShop’s editor can ensure that your business starts off in the right light. Choose from a range of beautiful templates, each with a professional edge. Our customers love our interface and find it simple and fun to use since it takes only minutes to design an effective flyer and they can print them out from any location (or trust us to do the printing for them). The end result is custom marketing materials that eat up less of your budget than you ever dreamed.  Get cracking on your custom design now!


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