Counseling Brochures

Finding the right counselor or therapist can be a challenge. Discerning who to open your heart up to takes a whole lot of trust. Give potential patients the information they need to make a wise decision with a fully-customized and insightful counseling brochure that shares your passion for helping others. Browse our professionally-designed catalog of counseling brochure templates until you find your perfect match. Spend a few minutes with the tools in our online design editor to upload your logo and photos, implement your existing color scheme, lay out services offered, and share counselor backgrounds and specialties. When you are satisfied with your finished product, you can DIY the printing or let us handle it for you so that you can spend more time saving the world, one patient at a time!

Counseling Flyers

An information-packed counseling flyer can be a very efficient way to reach those in need of your help. Flyers are easily distributed in a variety of ways – by hand, by mail, hung on a bulletin board, or displayed neatly in an inexpensive flyer holder on a wall or table in your waiting room. Customizing one  or more for your practice is simple, too. Just grab one of our professionally-designed counseling flyer templates and make an appointment (just kidding) with our online editor to fill it with your logo, photos, and so much more. The process is quick and painless, as long as you don’t drop a finished box of flyers on your foot!