Blood Drive Flyers

Encourage your fellow community members to save a life in a very real and tangible way by distributing custom-designed blood drive flyers that ensure they save the date. The available real estate on our blood drive flyer templates gives plenty of room for you to dispel any fears or phobias with life-changing testimonials and persuasive need statements. Upload some fun blood drive art, like “B Positive” or a graphic depicting the truth that one donation can save three lives. Tweak the color scheme and layout to fit your needs, then send it to the printer. Share your blood drive flyers all over town, then sit back and wait for donations to flow in (not literally)!

Blood Drive Posters

A, B, AB, O…wait, what? Looking for the right location to both educate and attract potential blood donors? Take the time to customize one of our blood drive poster templates to draw in lifesavers while you lay out the basic tenets of blood donation, such as donor requirements, info on blood types, and the super-secret cookie recipe (on second thought, hold that one back). MyCreativeShop’s design team knows the importance of filling the ever-present need for donor blood, so we work diligently to develop new templates that catch the eye of every passerby. Use our online editor to customize every detail, then let us complete the process with high-quality prints or send the file to the printer down the hall. Time and tide wait for no man, so get started now!

Blood Drive Signs

Let everyone in your town know where the Bloodmobile will be parked with eye-catching, compelling, and completely customized blood drive posters, banners, and yard signs. MyCreativeShop’s designers have pumped out a great batch of blood drive sign templates for you to choose from. The ease of using our online design editor makes the entire process even more painless than giving blood (we haven’t yet perfected cookie/juice delivery through the monitor, though, so you still have one on us)! Appeal to your fellow community members’ sense of altruism and responsibility for their friends and neighbors and include all the key details so that they are without excuse. Making a deposit in the blood bank benefits everyone – get your signs designed and printed so you can start saving lives!