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Easily Design Your Own Beer Flyers, Menus & More.

Brewery Menus

Customers flock to your brewery to explore what’s on tap – get them to stick around by offering a great selection of appetizers, entrees, and desserts to go with their chosen ale.  Design a dynamic menu flyer that can be distributed in workplaces across your community to generate great lunch and happy hour buzz.  Highlight selections that feature your proprietary brews in the recipe, from fish and chips utilizing your best-loved stout to your trademark IPA cheese dip with soft pretzels. For each non-beverage selection, recommend a complimentary beer to match.  Include your tap list, with prices for samples, pints, pitchers, and more.  Our online editor makes it easy to brew your own menu – get hopping!

Brewery Event Flyers

Host a fabulous release party or anniversary bash at your brewery and cultivate lifelong brew-loyal customers.  Design an event flyer that makes people cancel their date with the latest Netflix season of Narcos or HBO’s Game of Thrones and leave the house for a night of IPAs, IPLs, stouts, lagers, and so much hops. Choose a photo that embodies the event you are hosting – upload one of your own or select from our extensive library of available stock images. Include the obvious details like when and where, and use your brew lingo to write up a yummy event description.  MyCreativeShop’s online editor is the best way to design and print your flyer so that you can get back to what you do best – brewing and party-planning!

Brewery Tour Flyers

True beer connoisseurs will leap at the chance to take a guided tour of their favorite brewery - yours!  Get them in the door by designing and distributing your own brewery tour flyer everywhere your brews are sold and enjoyed.  Upload professional photos of your facility’s brain trust – a little glimpse into what tour participants can expect to see when they sign up for a look at the inner workings of the beer making process.  Include a list of scheduled tour dates and times, along with info on how to schedule a private tour and tasting session.  Use your own recipe to whip up a dynamic flyer with the help of our online editor, and you’ll have lines around the block!

Featured Beer Brewery Flyers

Generate big buzz over your yummiest brews by promoting a different ale every month.  Promote your featured beer with a custom-designed flyer that gets beer enthusiasts and craft beer devotees out of bed in the morning in search of their latest whale.  Start with a dynamic and delicious photo of a bottle of your special brew, mix in a tasty and well-written description of the brewing process, and then pour on all the hoppy details of the limited-time promotion.  You’ll generate intense demand and sell out in no time, so make sure to ramp up production – collaborate with MyCreativeShop’s online editor to create the perfect blend (even if it is just a flyer)!

Brewery Release Schedule Flyer

Get your loyal followers excited about what you’ve got brewing – customize your very own brewery release schedule flyer that lets everyone know when they can expect your latest and greatest ale.  Keep them apprised of what you have in the pipeline and generate organic hype by laying out your plan for world beer flavor domination.  Upload your logo along with eye-catching photos of your brewing setup, bottled brews, and tasting room.  Include a month-by-month list of each new release, promote tasting events, and invite customers to a brew release bash.  Our online editor allows you to completely customize your flyer with no experience necessary – you’ll have everyone hopped up in no time!

Beer Coasters

Launching a new proprietary brew?  Get your patrons excited about what’ll be coming down the pipeline by customizing a coaster that describes your latest flavor in delicious detail – and lets them know when they can get their hands on it.  More than one new blend on deck?  Convert your project to a launch calendar filled with yummy new ales, stouts, and lagers to look forward to in the coming weeks and months.  Include social media links and hashtags so that hopped-up beer aficionados can share their excitement with their vast circle of friends (both in real life and cyberspace) and follow the development of your brewery’s newest offerings – maybe you’ll even end up with some helpful suggestions for the next beer event!

Your customers can drink to a good cause when you hand out a personalized coaster emblazoned with your “Nonprofit of the Month.”  Upload the organization’s logo and a brief description of their mission on one side, and use the other side to highlight ways your patrons can contribute financially (via secure website, as a percentage of their total check, or simply by you donating a portion of the proceeds for the month) or just get involved by donating their time and skills.  You can even host a benefit/networking event and invite all interested people to attend – continue to do so every month, and you’ll not only see profits increase, you’ll be building some invaluable social capital!

MyCreativeShop’s online editor requires no design experience on your part – we’ve already done the heavy lifting for you!  All you need to bring to the table is the knowledge you have of your business and its space and decide whether you want your coaster to be circular or a square with rounded corners.  When in doubt, design a coaster that simply reminds your customers of where they are and how they can stay connected to all the latest happenings.  Always include your social media contacts and hashtags (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) to make sure your coaster keeps working for you long after the empty mugs are collected!

Brewery Coasters

Don’t miss a chance to get your brewery patrons on board with your upcoming product launch – place a custom-designed coaster under every frosty mug you serve. The brewery coaster templates put together by our ale-loving design team are the perfect canvas for showing off your brew release dates, promoting special events, or just embedding your business’s name in the hearts and minds of your loyal customers. Use our online editor (no experience required!) to customize every aspect of that marvelous piece of marketing real estate, then print your coasters with us or place an order with your favorite print shop down the street.