Back To School Flyers

No more pencils, no more books, no more teacher’s… Wait a minute – wrong song, summer’s over! Time to get ready for the return of lockers slamming, pencils sharpening, and homework-eating dogs. Ensure a smooth and hassle-free welcome back by customizing and distributing informative back to school flyers to every student in your district. Our design team has been hitting the books to produce a great selection of back to school flyer templates for you to choose from, so step into our easy-as-ABC online editor to make one your own. Cover it in school colors, upload your logo or mascot, and include all the important details your students will need to prepare for a brand-new school year!

Back To School Posters

Encourage the parents and students in your district to attend your Kindergarten Round-up or Fall registration events with custom-designed back to school posters hung at every grocery store, park, and library in the community. You can also design back to school posters that fill your students to the brim with school spirit and increase participation in homecoming week activities. Pick from our plethora of professionally-designed poster templates to find the perfect fit for your pupils. Then, use our online editor to adjust the color scheme and layout, upload photos and graphics, and ultimately create a completely unique poster that really makes the grade – no pencils required!

Back To School Signs

Whether you send out a fall supply list dominated by jumbo boxes of crayons, nap mats, and Elmer’s glue or one encouraging loose-leaf paper, buy-your-own graphing calculators, and pricey textbooks, a custom-designed back to school banner, poster, or yard sign can be your best friend. Parents and students of all ages can be reached by a strategically-placed sign that gives them the key details they need for school registration, back-to-school night, or even freshman orientation. Customize one of our templates to make the sign that fits your needs. Use a combination of posters, banners, and yard signs to direct incoming first-year and transfer students to dorms, club sign-ups, and dining halls. Line the streets in your community with yard signs and banners encouraging attendance at your big kindergarten registration event. With you in the designer’s chair, your back to school signs are sure to be at the top of the class!