Assisted Living Brochures

Making the move to no longer live on your own is no small task, whether you’re making the choice for yourself or someone else. Give potential residents and their loved ones all the key information they need in order to decide to enter your assisted living facility by producing a custom-designed brochure. Not a designer? No problem! We employ professional graphic designers to produce attractive and expertly-crafted assisted living brochures, and then we walk you through the customization process in our online design editor. You can upload your logo, photos of residents and staff enjoying one another’s company, and any other graphics that get your message across. Both the bi-fold and tri-fold brochure options have all kinds of space for you to describe the services and amenities you offer. Once you’re satisfied with the final product, it’s yours to print anywhere you like, or we can assist YOU by delivering a premium print job right to your waiting hands. Place one (or two) in the hands of every touring resident or family member to ensure that they take to heart everything they see and hear at your facility!

Assisted Living Flyers

Add some vibrancy to your nursing or retirement home’s activity schedule by designing customized flyers to promote your next open house, hymn-sing, or Christmas cookie baking session. Utilize one of the assisted living flyer templates created by MyCreativeShop’s own professional designers to draw in an influx of not only residents, but community members as well, to an event that brings some excitement to the everyday routine. Take your chosen template for a stroll through our online editor and upload your logo, graphics, and photos, then add all the rest of the key details. Before you know it, your community room will have become the place to be!

Assisted Living Door Hangers

When you’re having a party or event, an in-person invite is the ultimate way to make your guests feel wanted. When you go door-to-door in your neighborhood to invite the community to attend your nursing or retirement home’s open house or holiday celebration, bring along a stack of completely customized assisted living door hangers that reinforce your invitation and stand in for you when no one’s home. MyCreativeShop’s catalog of door hanger templates includes a section devoted completely to assisted living, so choose the one that speaks for you best. Our easy-to-use online editor makes customization with text and graphics a cinch – start now so your residents can start celebrating sooner!