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7 Happy Thanksgiving Banner Designs to Be Thankful For

Discover creative Thanksgiving banner designs to bring joy and gratitude to your community.
Cassie Viele
Published Nov 15, 2020

As the Thanksgiving holiday draws near this year, we may be tempted to think that we don t have much to be thankful for. I mean, what could possibly be positive about life in a pandemic? Well, it turns out that there are all kinds of things - if you know where to look. Strangers helping one another, small gestures that are actually meaningful acts of kindness, and the sacrifices of frontline healthcare workers are just a few. Best of all, once you find them, you can share that feeling of gratitude and hope with your community with the help of a custom-designed Thanksgiving banner! We ve got a few ideas to help you spread the love this November:

1. Make Celebrating a Little Easier

Thanksgiving Catering Banner Image

Design via MyCreativeShop

This deliciously-designed Thanksgiving banner promises less work for the home chef while also providing an opportunity for you to share your culinary talents with the community. Hanging this banner outside your business allows people to see what you have to offer in a socially-distanced way. Add your phone number or website to make the process of placing an order just a little simpler.

2. Make it Fun!

Turkey Trot Banner Image

Design via Trophy Depot on Etsy

Inject a little fun into your Turkey Day event by including a silly graphic that brings a smile to everyone's face. This Thanksgiving banner promotes a Turkey Trot in a light-hearted way and allows you to share important details with participants and spectators alike.

3. Create a Casual Welcome

Custom Fall Banner Image from Etsy

Design via HelloPrintsShop on Etsy

Your Thanksgiving banner doesn't necessarily have to explicitly say "Thanksgiving." A casual greeting that welcomes the reader to the current season can spread a whole lot of joy with very little effort. This banner makes the viewer feel comfortable and at home - key aspects of any Thanksgiving holiday!

4. Keep it Simple

Happy Thanksgiving Banner Image from Etsy

Design via SignPro on Etsy

Sometimes saying exactly what you mean with less says more than you think. Let your clients and customers know that you're also choosing to be thankful despite challenging circumstances by simply wishing them a Happy Thanksgiving. You might be surprised at the gratitude you uncover!

5. Reach Out to Those in Need

Thanksgiving Dinner Banner Image

Design via MyCreativeShop

Host a community Thanksgiving Dinner for those who have no one else to share the day with. This banner can be easily customized to include the key details of your event. Under the current circumstances, including a note about social distancing seating, the availability of take-home meals, and delivery for those unable to travel is both wise and necessary. People are meant to be connected, and that's something that is more important now than it's ever been.

6. Say it with Style

Eat. Drink. Give Thanks. Thanksgiving Banner Image

Design via MyCreativeShop

Finding a succinct, clever way to share your gratitude can make all the difference. In this banner, the reader is encouraged to celebrate Thanksgiving in their own way, with the help of a local caterer. Reminding your community of the basics of the holiday will encourage gratitude all around.

7. Use Images to Evoke Memories

Thanksgiving Catering Promo Banner Image

Design via MyCreativeShop

One of the most essential pieces of the Thanksgiving pie is the delicious dishes we share with those we care about. Bring all those feelings to the forefront of the reader's mind by including mouthwatering images of traditional Thanksgiving food offerings on the above banner that promotes the holiday catering options designed to eliminate extra work on the big day.

BONUS: Create your own!

As we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving in the time of COVID, you may find it easier to customize one of MyCreativeShop's Coronavirus banner templates into something that combines the two.

Contactless Pickup Banner

Design via MyCreativeShop

The above Contactless Pickup banner template is designed to encourage customers to utilize a service that minimizes human interaction and thus slows the spread of the Coronavirus.

Thanksgiving Dinner Curbside Pickup Banner

Design via MyCreativeShop

However, swapping out the background image and updating some of the text turns it into a banner worthy of a COVID-Thanksgiving.


Design Your Thanksgiving Banner Today!

It can still be a challenge to be thankful these days. However, if we make the choice to look for them, we'll find good things all around us. Commit to being one of those good things by customizing your own Thanksgiving banner with MyCreativeShop today. Browse our catalog of banner templates to get started!

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