Beer Table Tent Templates

Grabbing the attention of your bar or restaurant’s patrons doesn’t take an MBA or advanced marketing degree – all you need is a professionally-designed template, the right tools, and a little bit of time. When it comes to getting your customers stoked about your beer selection or new brew launch, the right choice is to customize one of our beer table tent templates with our online editor’s toolbox. Your finished table tent will be the talk of the table (or bar) and is a great way to reach an audience that already enjoys your space!
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Blank Table Tent
Main Beer Tasting   tsf9q8gesu Image
Beer Tasting Table Tent Template tsf9q8gesu
4" W x 6" H Table Tent
Main Beer Tasting Flights   3 Image
Beer Tasting Flights Table Tent Template 3
3.67 x 5.375" Table Tent
Main Beer Tasting   3 Image
Beer Tasting Table Tent Template 3
3.67 x 5.375" Table Tent

Beer Table Tents

Don’t let your customers nurse their beer silently at your tables or on a barstool – borrow a line from Bonnie Raitt and give ‘em something to talk about! An assortment of custom-designed table tents should do the trick. With the help of our online editor, any one of our professionally-crafted beer table tent templates can really hit the spot. Use that available prime marketing real estate to promote an upcoming brew launch, generate buzz for a special event, or simply lay out your current specials. Table tents are also an efficient way to display your entire slate of beer offerings – your customers can easily select their next drink without you having to walk back with a menu. How and where you print is always up to you. Send the PDF to the print shop of your choosing or place an order with us – your satisfaction is always guaranteed!

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Tips to get you started on designing, printing & promoting your Beer Table Tents

When it comes to designing visually appealing beer table tents, there are a few tips that can help you create an eye-catching and enticing display:

  1. Choose the right color scheme: Consider using colors that are commonly associated with beer, such as gold, amber, and brown. These colors can evoke a sense of warmth and richness that complements the product.
  2. Use high-quality images: Including enticing images of beer can help draw attention to your table tent. Make sure the images are clear, vibrant, and showcase the variety of beers you offer. Consider using professional photographs or custom illustrations to make your table tent stand out.
  3. Keep the design simple: While it's important to capture attention, it's equally essential to keep the design clean and uncluttered. Avoid overcrowding the table tent with excessive text or graphics. Instead, focus on highlighting key information, such as beer names, descriptions, and brewery details.
  4. Incorporate branding elements: Utilize your brewery's or establishment's branding elements to maintain consistency and reinforce brand recognition. Use your logo, font styles, and color palette throughout the design to create a cohesive look.
  5. Ensure readability: Use easy-to-read fonts and font sizes to ensure that your text is legible from a distance. Avoid using decorative or overly stylized fonts that may hinder readability. Additionally, make sure there is plenty of contrast between the text and the background color to enhance readability.
  6. Include enticing offers or promotions: To attract customers, consider including special offers, promotions, or happy hour deals on your beer table tent. This can entice customers to try new beers or visit during specific hours.
  7. Consider the layout and placement: Position important information at eye level or in the center of the table tent to ensure it catches customers' attention. Additionally, consider the placement of your table tents within your establishment to maximize visibility and attract customers.

By implementing these design tips, you can create visually appealing beer table tents that effectively showcase your offerings and entice customers to explore your beer selection.

When it comes to creating a beer table tent's drink list, there are a few key pieces of information that should be included to help your customers make an informed choice. Let's dive into what should be included:

  • Beer Names: Start by listing the names of the beers you offer. This could include both bottled or canned options, as well as any draft beers you have available.
  • Beer Styles: Next, provide a brief description of each beer style. This can help customers understand the flavor profile and characteristics of each beer.
  • ABV (Alcohol by Volume): Include the alcohol percentage of each beer. This can give customers an idea of how strong or light each beer is.
  • IBU (International Bitterness Units): For those who appreciate the hoppy bitterness in beers, including the IBU can help them find the right beer to suit their taste.
  • Flavor Profile: Briefly describe the flavors and aromas that can be expected from each beer. This can range from hoppy and citrusy to malty and caramel-like.
  • Price: Don't forget to include the price of each beer. Customers appreciate knowing how much they'll be spending before they make their selection.
  • Brewery Information: If you're offering beers from specific breweries, consider including a section with a brief background on each brewery. This can add a personal touch and help customers connect with the beer.
  • Specials or Limited Releases: Highlight any seasonal or limited edition beers that are currently available. This can create a sense of excitement and encourage customers to try something new.

Remember, the design of your beer table tent is just as important as the content. Make sure to choose a design that aligns with your brand and catches the eye of your customers. With MyCreativeShop's selection of beer table tent templates, you're sure to find a design that suits your needs.

Beer table tents are a perfect opportunity to upsell additional drinks or products to your customers. With their strategic placement on tables, they catch the attention of patrons and provide an effective platform for promoting specials, new releases, and other offerings. Here are a few ways you can utilize beer table tents to increase sales:

  1. Featured Drinks: Showcase your most popular or unique beers on the table tents. Highlight their flavors, ingredients, and brewing processes to entice customers to give them a try.
  2. Drink List: Create a visually appealing drink list on the table tents. Include a variety of beer styles and flavors to cater to different tastes and preferences. This encourages customers to explore the menu and order more drinks.
  3. Release Schedule: If you regularly introduce new beers or seasonal brews, use table tents to announce upcoming releases. Build anticipation by providing a sneak peek into the flavors and limited availability, compelling customers to come back for these exclusive offerings.
  4. Brewery Features: Educate your customers about the breweries behind the beers you serve. Highlight their histories, brewing techniques, and philosophies. This adds value to the drinking experience and encourages customers to try other beers from the same brewery.
  5. Tastings and Pairings: Host beer tastings and food pairing events? Advertise these experiences on the table tents. Describe the flavors, aromas, and textures customers can expect and leave them eager to indulge in the tasting journey.
  6. Happy Hour Specials: Promote your happy hour deals and discounts on the table tents. Include the specific beers and the time frame during which the specials are available. This encourages customers to make the most of happy hour and order additional drinks.
  7. Festival Promotions: If you're participating in beer festivals or other special events, use table tents to spread the word. Share the details of the event, including the beers you'll be showcasing, the location, and any exclusive offers. This helps create buzz and attract customers.

By incorporating these strategies into your beer table tent designs, you can effectively upsell additional drinks or products. Remember to keep the designs visually appealing and the messaging concise and enticing. Cheers to a successful marketing campaign!

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