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Your massage skills deserve to be put on display.  Get the word out with a custom-designed “Services Offered” poster that gives clients a complete view of what you are capable of.  Upload photos of your services when appropriate and list like massage options together.  A brief description of each service, including massage length, special features, and products used, should follow each title.  Pricing and package options must be easy-to-read and understand – you don’t want to give your clients a tension headache before they even walk in the spa (although there is some sort of twisted job security there). Use MyCreativeShop’s online editor to make sure all the details are covered and perfectly printed!

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Massage Services Offered Poster Template

Size: 11" x 17"
Working the kinks out has never been more affordable, so let customers know about your massage business’ special offer with this customizable poster. Customize this design with your choice of colors, text, images and other elements to make it stand out on any wall. Get started now and have your poster ready for printing in minutes.

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Multiple Versions Available