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Prom Night Posters

For many teenage girls, prom is an event they look forward to for the entire school year.  They dream about the dress, the shoes, the jewelry, the flowers, the hair, and, oh yes, the date!  Corner the prom night hair market by designing a poster that speaks the language of a 16-year-old girl – bright colors, professional photos of your stylists’ best work, and a great price.  Curate a list of the dates of all the area high school proms and create a school spirit-filled poster for each one.  Schedule your stylists appropriately to maximize the number of up-dos that can be done each day.  Our online editor makes it super-simple to design and print the perfect set of posters to hang in each high school, floral shop, and dress boutique!

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Hair Stylist Promo Poster Template

Promote a new stylist, product line or service with this poster you make yourself for your hair salon. Use our online editor to customize your poster with fun colors, catchy text, and high-res images of the latest styles. We make the process quick, simple and fun, so begin your poster design now and have it print-ready in minutes.

Main Hair Stylist Promo   Image
Hair Stylist Promo Poster Template
24" x 36" Poster

Hair Salon Prom Night Poster Template

Remind prom revelers that now is the time to book their hair appointments for prom night with this poster detailing your hair salon’s offerings. From up-do’s to braids, spotlight your most popular styles, prices and more so that attendees have a good idea what to expect on their big day. Start now, and get your poster ready for printing in minutes.

Main Hair Salon Prom Night   Image
Hair Salon Prom Night Poster Template
11" x 17" Poster

Prom Night Hair Salon Poster Template bvio24dz1d

Main Prom Night Hair Salon   bvio24dz1d Image
Prom Night Hair Salon Poster Template bvio24dz1d
18" x 24" Poster
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