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Tempt patrons with your yummy offerings using custom menus you create yourself in minutes. We have a variety of beautiful menu templates to choose from to help get you started. Whether you're cooking up Tex Mex or seafood, browse our inventory to find the perfect template for your menu creation, and then add your custom touches to show off everything from burgers and fries to your famous crab rangoon. Tempt diners with high-res photos of your best-selling menu items, and then customize your menus further with your choice of colors, fonts, and more. Get started now, and get your print-ready menu design in no time flat.
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Whether you run a hip food truck, a classic mom-and-pop diner, or a modern fusion concept, everyone who enters your restaurant expects to see one thing: the menu. More than just a list of food and drink, your menu is a way to express your restaurant’s personality and delight your diners—before they ever taste a thing!

So instead of leaving your menu as an afterthought...why not make it a memorable part of your diners’ experience? With MyCreativeShop, you can create professional-looking, customized menu designs that play up your establishment’s brand and inspire your customers to order your house specials.

Our online menu maker is very easy to use, so you won’t need any experience with graphic design or restaurant marketing. All you have to do is choose a food menu template, personalize it with pictures and text, and order affordable prints delivered straight to your restaurant door. Your menu will go from the computer screen to hungry diners’ hands in no time!

150+ Menu Templates for Restaurants and More

With well over a hundred menu design templates available, we have something for every type of dining establishment: restaurants, pubs, bars, bakeries, hotel room service, coffee shops, event catering, and more. In fact, our menus aren’t even food-and-drink only! We also have menu templates for spas, nail salons, and other beauty/personal care businesses.

Just browse our template library, click on a menu layout that fits your need, and then get to work customizing it. Through our user-friendly editor, it’s quick and easy to change your menu’s text, images, layout, color, and more. For instance, you can:

  • Choose a new font to reflect your brand, from quirky and youthful to traditional and elegant.
  • Upload your restaurant’s logo and reposition it anywhere on the menu.
  • Add photos of your food and drink or insert one of our free, high-quality stock images instead.
  • Try a new color (red and yellow are known to stimulate the appetite!) or add a ready-made pattern for subtle visual interest.
  • Insert background shapes or call-out boxes to draw attention to your best-selling or most profitable dishes.

If you really want to flex your creative muscles (or if you happen to have a graphic designer on staff), you can also choose a blank menu template instead. You’ll have access to all of our editor’s customization tools, so you can fill the blank page with the same awesome design elements.

Multiple Sizes, Perfect for Menu Pairings

Our beauty service and food menu templates come include popular sizes: 8.5” x 11” and 4” x 9”. Both of these sizes work well as standalone food menus, wine/beer lists, or spa service lists—but they’re especially great when paired together!

Many of our customers use the larger restaurant menu template for appetizers, entrees, and desserts and the smaller size for drink lists or seasonal specials. Similarly, many salons and spas use the small size as a simple, easy-to-scan list and the larger size for more detailed information on specific product lines, brands, and treatments.

There is no wrong way, so have fun with your menus!

Fast Shipping with Our Menu Printing Options

As soon as you’ve finished perfecting your menu design, you can order prints directly from us with just a few clicks. Unlike many online print shops, we offer limited runs as small as 50 menus at a time, as well as high-volume orders as high as 50,000! Whether you’re creating a menu for one location or many, we offer affordable prices at any quantity.

Just like you can customize the design elements of our restaurant menu templates, you can also customize the paper type. Stick with standard paper if you want something light for limited-time use, or upgrade to premium high-gloss paper that’s water-resistant (and easier to keep clean on messy tables).

If you’re in a hurry, we offer rushed and expedited shipping, too.

Download or Share Your Menu Anywhere

Not interested in ordering prints right away? Then download a PDF of your menu and have it printed anywhere! You can download your menu file with bleed, which ensures that your menu design will print correctly at any professional print shop in your area.

To start using your new menu right away, you can also download a web-ready file that’s perfect for uploading to your website or social media profiles. Either way, your design will be saved to your account, so you can always come back later.

Menu Design So Easy, You Can Start and Finish Today

At MyCreativeShop, we make menu design easy—and not only in terms of literally designing your menu’s layout, text, and images! It’s also easy to order prints right from our editor, print your file anywhere, or share it online immediately. It’s your menu, and you can create it and share it however you like.

Choose a menu template now and create a one-of-a-kind design in minutes.

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Tips to get you started on designing, printing & promoting your Menus

Whether you’re looking to craft a new menu for your restaurant or updating your spa’s menu of services, the starting point is the same: plan and prioritize. Planning involves pulling together all of the necessary components of your menu, including items, prices, images, your logo, and a clear understanding of your company’s branding strategy. Then, prioritize. Organize your menu items in a clear and concise way, arranging them in a way that gives your biggest sellers or most profitable offerings the best real estate (and most attention). Part of prioritizing is making decisions about what needs to be included and what doesn’t. Use your industry knowledge to pare down your menu items to the ones that matter most, leaving off those that are repetitive, unnecessary, or rarely purchased.

Once you’ve completed these steps, browse our catalog of customizable menu templates until you find the one that aligns with your strategy and design. Enter the online editor by clicking on the template. You can then replace placeholder text with your menu items and prices, stock images with your own high-quality photos, and sample logos with that of your company. Apply your color scheme to the template by using your own custom color codes. Change font size, style, and more with our text box tools and add or change shapes, icons, arrows, patterns, and more with just a few clicks. Give your finished product a thorough proofreading, even enlisting one or two others, to ensure that there are no typos or slip-ups that will drive you crazy when printed and viewed daily. Then, hit “Print/Download” and place a print order with us or download a high-quality PDF to print anywhere you like.

Want to learn more? Check out our in-depth article on How to Make a Menu: The Ultimate Guide or take a look at this great resource we've found for even more restaurant marketing ideas.

Transferring your finished menu from the screen to your hand is as easy as clicking the “Print/Download” button in the editor. Choose your paper type, folding options (if any), and quantity needed, then hit submit to order straight from us. We’ll deliver top-notch prints quickly and efficiently. Or, if you’d rather DIY, you can download a high-quality PDF of your finished menu and print anywhere you like!

View our menu printing options.

As you design your menu, it’s essential that your customers are able to read your menu items, descriptions, and prices without a microscope. The text box feature in MyCreativeShop’s online editor includes a pre-set recommended font size that varies according to the purpose of the text and document type. For example, choosing a “Heading” text box will get you a font that stands out, while our “Paragraph” boxes are a smaller, but readable, size. As a general rule, though, keeping all text at 10pt or greater is a good practice. If your business serves a large proportion of seniors or the elderly, you may want to up that minimum to 16pt (the standard font size of a large-print book).

The goal of your menu layout should be provide clear organization to the types of dishes you offer. Keeping a focus on organization should naturally keep you inline with how your customers would want to process your menu. This common sense approach to your menu layout should result in you keeping things simple.

You can use our menu templates to easily layout your design and finish your menu faster. If you'd like to learn some advanced techniques to layout out your menu check out our Guide To Making The Ultimate Menu.

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