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Spread the word to jobseekers in your area about the opening within your company by creating your own custom now hiring flyers and sending them out everywhere! read more
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Now Hiring Flyers

Finding and keeping great employees is no small task.  Give yourself a leg up on the competition by attracting the right talent pool with a custom-designed now hiring flyer.  MyCreativeShop has a bevy of customizable templates for you to choose from.  Simply browse our online catalog, then utilize our design editor to turn it into a one-of-a-kind draw that sets your company or organization apart. Once finished, get your flyer printed (you can DIY or let us handle the heavy lifting), then post it throughout your community, applying your knowledge of the industry and targeting the type of employee you’re seeking (the local university’s student union and residence halls are a great place to find part-time college-age workers and the local gym or grocery store may be a better source of full-time applicants).  Next step – narrow down your pool of applications to those that best fit the bill and start interviewing!

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Before creating a now hiring flyer to find your next employee, gather all of the things you’ll need to create a successful design. You’ll need to have a solid grasp on your branding strategy, your logo and image files, and the original content necessary to share all the details of the position and the application and interview process. Once you have everything you need in hand, look over our now hiring flyer templates to find one that fits your company’s style and personality. Customize the color scheme and font(s) so that they are on-brand, then replace the sample logo and images with your own. Update the business name and contact information and use our text box tools to insert your original content and all details about the position. Make “how to apply” clear to the reader and consider including a web link or QR code that prospective applicants can follow to get more information or apply, saving you precious flyer space. Proofread your finished flyer before ordering up a stack of prints from us or doing it yourself. 

Depending on the industry space you occupy, there are a myriad of options for what you should include on a now hiring flyer. Some basic starters, though, include a succinct list of the qualifications or requirements an applicant for the position should have or meet. You’ll also want to detail the responsibilities of the position, along with the expectations for hours worked and any unique circumstances surrounding the job (is it a temporary or seasonal position, will there be a probationary period, opportunities for advancement, etc.). Clearly state the starting wage and benefit package you are offering and make any necessary legal disclosures regarding your employment practices. Share the details of the application and hiring process and include a web link or QR code they can follow to apply or learn more. Finally, you should share a brief history of your company - why should they want to work for you?