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Advertise full and part-time daycare openings with a custom-designed flyer that showcases your transparency and trustworthiness. MyCreativeShop’s professional designers were all children once themselves, so they have put together a huge array of customizable daycare flyer templates for you to work with. Take a short field trip through our online editor as you upload photos and enter your original content, then get ready to share your flyer on all your social media accounts and print absolutely anywhere – even with us! read more
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Working parents have a lot on their plate – between their day job, physically caring for their kiddos every morning and evening, fighting to carve out quality time in their hectic daily routine to spend with their littles and/or partner, and the mental and emotional load of parenting, it’s no wonder they care so much about who fills in for them during the workday.  Come to their rescue with a beautifully-customized daycare flyer that puts them at ease and builds their trust.  MyCreativeShop offers a shepherded flock of professionally-designed templates to meet your needs.  Include an invitation to drop by for a visit of your home or facility, along with a note that parent references are available upon request.  Our online editor makes it easy to upload your own photos, customize fonts, text, colors, and layout, and create a fabulous finished product.  Print it yourself or let us do that for you so that you can get back to fingerpainting and molding young minds!

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When creating a daycare flyer, your goal should be to design a flyer that immediately captures the trust of parents and the imaginations of their children. To accomplish that goal, you need to gather together all your inputs - your logo, high-quality images (with permission, of course), call to action (CTA - what you want the reader to DO), and original content that highlights both the fun and quality of the care you provide. You’ll also need to have a solid grasp on your branding strategy. Then, look through our catalog of daycare flyer templates to find the right flyer for you. Apply your signature (fun!) color scheme, replace all sample images and text with your own, and update the title to reflect your CTA. Highlight your qualifications and any other details that set your daycare apart from the pack. Make sure your contact information is clear. Include your web address or a QR code that takes the reader there directly. If it helps to tell your story, you can also change up the fonts used and insert shapes, arrows, icons, and more easily. Once you’re satisfied that your flyer is both fun and compelling, have another set of eyes give it a onceover to ensure that it reads well and is error-free. Finally, order top-notch prints from us or any other printer you like (including your own!).

Deciding what to include in your daycare flyer is actually a lot less complicated than it might seem. If you find yourself struggling, simply change your perspective from provider to parent. What would you like to see from a potential care provider if you were in their shoes? In addition to contact information, location, and price, the two biggest questions you’ll want to answer are: “Are they qualified/Will my children be safe?” and “Will my children learn, grow, and be happy?” Beginning with the first, you need to find a way to share your qualifications, certifications, and experience in snapshot form. Pick the highlights, then fit them into a bulleted list in a call-out box or make them stand out in your own way. You may want to share your staff to child ratio, your years of childcare experience, first aid/CPR certifications, and any early childhood degrees you or your staff hold. Tackling the second question is a bit more subjective. Sometimes pictures can “say” more than words ever could, so consider including photos of children in your care on field trips to the zoo, playing games outside, and doing art projects. As with any use of an image in your marketing, make sure that you have the parents’ permission before using photos of their kiddos. You can also include a brief list or description of the fun and educational activities those in your care participate in and make it stand out in another call-out box or unique font. To maximize the impact of your flyer, you should also include your web address or a QR code that links there in order to provide more detailed information to prospective clients (while minimizing clutter on your flyer).