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Coffee Shop Flyer Templates

Generate a buzz about your coffee shop’s newest signature drink, rewards program, happy hour, and more by creating your own flyer for every occasion. 

Latte Hour Flyer Template preview
Coffee BOGO Happy Hour Flyer Template preview
Featured Coffee Drink Flyer Template preview
April Featured Drink Flyer Template preview
Latte Featured Drink Flyer Template preview
Orange Coffee BOGO Flyer Template preview
Coffee Perks Program Flyer Template preview
Coffee Rewards Program Flyer Template preview
Red Coffee Rewards Program Flyer Template preview
Rewards Program Coffee Shop Flyer Template 4s0rvanziy preview
Coffee Rewards Flyer Template preview
Coffee Happy Hour Flyer Template preview
BOGO Coffee Flyer Template preview
New Morning Menu Coffee Flyer Template preview
Free Coffee Rewards Program Flyer Template preview
25% OFF Coffee Shop Marketing Flyer Template preview
Share A BOGO Coffee Shop Marketing Flyer Template preview
Hot Coffee Shop Flyer Template preview
Hot Coffee Shop Flyer Template preview
Hot Coffee Shop Flyer Template preview
Coffee Shop Flyer Template 2 preview
Coffee Shop Flyer Template preview
Coffee Shop Flyer Template 3 preview
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Happy Hour Coffee Flyers

Happy hours are not just for bars and restaurants anymore – get your baristas in on the action! It’s 5 o’clock somewhere, even if your happy hour runs from 2pm-5pm. Bring in your celebratory coffee drinkers with a fully-caffeinated and custom-designed happy hour flyer that you make yourself. Offer and promote great specials, like 2-for-1 lattes, half-priced baked goods, and free drink up-sizing. Encourage your customers to bring their friends by providing comfortable conversation areas, BOGO specials, and an extensive library of board and card games to choose from. With our online editor, your happy hour flyer will be buzzing in no time!

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Featured Drink Coffee Flyer

Specialty drinks are the bread and butter (or cream and sugar?) of today’s coffee shops. Up your sales by selecting one as the featured “Drink of the Week” and promoting it with a simple, eye-catching flyer. The power of suggestion (or caffeination!) is strong – hang your flyer at eye level to utilize the same product placement techniques of your local grocery store. Whether you choose to feature a time-honored classic like “Jamaican Me Crazy,” let your baristas run wild with their own creation, or go for a customer-designed local fave, your featured drinks will be the talk of the town. Make your flyer your own with our online editor!

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Buy One Get One (BOGO) Coffee Flyers

Coffee and conversation go hand in hand – in fact, “let’s have coffee” is pretty much the universal signal for “let’s sit and talk for hours.” Become the kind of coffee shop that embraces, encourages, and enables relationship building by not only providing comfortable seating areas but also offering irresistible BOGO specials. A fun and spunky flyer is just the ticket to filling your caffeine cantina with BFFs and first dates. Buy one, get one iced drinks, frappes, baked goods, and even black coffee are all great conversation motivators. MyCreativeShop’s online editor makes it possible for you to design a peppy BOGO flyer (or postcard) with zero experience quickly and painlessly – get brewing!

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Rewards Program Coffee Flyers

Dedicated coffee drinkers deserve a prize for their caffeine intake – earn their loyalty by offering a “perky” rewards program that provides them with tangible motivation for their continued business. Design a high energy flyer that inspires your customers to sign up for your coffee shop’s incentive system. Membership benefits should be clearly explained, along with the sign-up process. Get your patrons excited about earning free drinks – give them simple parameters, such as 1 free drink for every 10 purchased, and then offer special rewards program promos, where they can earn double points and reach their free drink even faster. Brew your flyer before the coffee gets cold!

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