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Club Flyer Templates

Clubs are all about bringing people together who enjoy the same thing. Attract newbies to your next meeting or event by custom-designing a new crop of flyers with all the details. Our awesome designers are joiners, so they’ve jumped on board to create a whole host of customizable club flyer templates, and if you join forces with our user-friendly online editor, you’ll have a fabulously finished flyer in no time. Connect with prospective clubbers by sharing your flyer on your social media accounts or print up a stack to hang around town – you never know who you might meet!

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Club Flyers

In the 1961 Walt Disney classic “The Parent Trap,” Hayley Mills memorably sang “Let’s Get Together” as a duet with herself. Now, you don’t have to belt out a syrupy sweet melody to attract new members to your club, but the sentiment still applies. Encourage those who share your interests or are just looking to make new friends and try something new to “get together” by distributing custom designed club flyers that attract their eye in a way Technicolor never could. Browse our catalog of professionally-crafted club flyer templates, then customize your favorite design with our online editor until it reflects the personality of your book, photography, running, or SAHMs club. Share and post your flyer in locations you frequent. If you’re there, you’re bound to find others who share your interests!

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Book Club Outreach Flyers

Does your book club lean towards current best sellers, like John Grisham and Nora Roberts, or the classics, like Margaret Atwood and Harper Lee? Either way, you can draw in new members with a smartly structured flyer that reflects your tastes. Make sure you include a list of past book club selections so that prospective readers can get an idea of what you’re all about. If your club collects dues of any kind, whether to purchase books or to bolster the wine fund, add that to your flyer, along with a list of recommended wine and book pairings. Share your flyer & watch your club grow. Happy reading!

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Art Club Flyers

Can you tell the difference between a Manet and a Monet? Or is finger-painting more your style? Art clubs can run the gamut from a play group for children to a clutch of adults that gather for art appreciation discussions and museum tours. Make your art club stand out with a custom-designed club flyer that reflects your group’s flair and interests. A flyer that represents you will attract other club members that share your passions. Make sure to include membership information and meeting times so that no one misses out. Begin designing yours with our quick and easy online editor, and you’ll have created a masterpiece in no time!

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School Club Flyers

Want to start your own school club? Once you’ve identified your interest – animal rescue, homeless outreach, entrepreneurship (the possibilities are truly endless) – the next step is to find other like-minded students to join you. Create a dynamic flyer that communicates your club’s purpose and meeting times, then distribute it to students on the quad or in the student union, and hang it up on every bulletin board you can find. After you’ve grown to more than one member, plan an event or activity to draw in new participants – walking dogs at a local shelter, serving at a soup kitchen, an invention fair – and design a second flyer to invite everyone to join you. Go ahead, step out of your comfort zone!

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Photography Club Flyers

Photography clubs attract professional and amateur photographers alike. You don’t have to be Annie Leibovitz or Ansel Adams; you just have to love to get a great shot! Find more of your people by promoting your club with an artistic flyer that showcases your style. If you’re into nature photography, create a flyer that lays out details of a planned walking photo tour of a local park or forest. If lifestyle photography is your thing, organize a casual family shoot with friends and use your flyer to distribute the details to your group members to get the word out – commit to the shot now!

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Running Club Flyers

There are a lot of great reasons to form a running club – whether you’re training for a marathon or getting/staying fit, the camaraderie and accountability of committing to run with friends is a huge encouragement. If you’re in an established running club and are looking to invite new members, design a flyer that lays out your training regimen, run lengths, starting times, and locations. Looking to start your own club? Create a flyer that appeals to runners who share your same training mindset – from ultra-marathoners to those with less intense fitness goals. Post your flyers in your local running store or park and get ready to run!

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