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How to make a Kpop cup sleeve
Dustin Hodgson | MyCreativeShop

How To Make A Kpop Cup Sleeve & Print It!

In recent months we’ve seen a huge increase in the amount of people coming to MyCreativeShop to design Kpop cup sleeves. We have to admit, we never saw this trend coming, but we’re glad it came!

In case you’re not familiar with Kpop, I’ll share what I’ve learned so far.

Kpop or K-pop is a genre of music originating in South Korea (the “K” stands for “Korean”). Just like any music industry, Kpop has famous stars, and these stars have fans all around the world!

What is kpop

These fans celebrate the birthdays of their Kpop stars, anniversaries of their favorite Kpop band, and so much more.

At some point, a group of fans decided to put together a “Kpop cup sleeve event.” That first one must’ve been a hit, because their popularity has taken off!

If you do some searching on Twitter, you’ll find that these gatherings have their own hashtag ( #cupsleeveevent ) and there are also a few Twitter accounts dedicated solely to regional events, like this one for Cupsleeve Malaysia!

You’d probably think that I, as a 35 year-old man from North Dakota, would be pretty far removed from this trend, but here I am! I love graphic design, and the Kpop cup sleeve designs I see created are super unique from what we normally have coming through our online editor. The designs are not only creative, but they’re fun, colorful and really well done! Take this one for example:

Designed by Marie | @yxjkook

Okay, now that we’re more familiar with this trend, we felt we needed to put something together to help people understand how they can create their own Kpop cup sleeve in our editor.

The best way we thought we could do that is with an infographic that explains how to make a Kpop cup sleeve with MyCreativeShop. The Kpop community is passionate and very creative, so we hope this infographic helps everyone in this community find an easy and fun way to get their Kpop cup sleeve printed and designed.

One final tip regarding how to make a cup sleeve!

A lot of the designs we see come into our editor appear to have originated from a design program like Photoshop or Illustrator. If you’re starting with one of those programs, please note that the image you upload into our editor doesn’t need to be in the shape of a cup sleeve. Our editor has a guide layer that displays the cup sleeve in the shape that it’ll print and when it goes to print it will print as you see it in the editor.

Get a free template for Photoshop & Illustrator: Download our free cup sleeve template and use it as a guide to create your cup sleeve in another design program like Photoshop. Then when you're done you can upload your design into our editor and order prints directly from us.  Download free template >

If you’re ready to start designing, jump over to our blank cup sleeve templates and design your own Kpop cup sleeves.