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That bucket list won’t complete itself! If you’re in the business of travel and tourism, our travel brochures combine print-anywhere convenience and professional design to provide your customers with everything short of punched tickets for wanderlust. With options including bi-fold and tri-fold varieties, as well as diverse layout and color schemes, our travel brochure templates can serve as a roadmap for the journey or the destination. Speaking of destination, we have an awesome selection of hotel brochures to make sure your hotel stands out from the rest. Let our brochures guide you and inspire you along the way. It’s time to get away!
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Travel Brochures

Whether you’re a boutique travel agency, a luxury hotel, or a local tourist center highlighting your city’s hidden gems, one thing is certain: You’re not advertising just any old trip! Getting tourists excited about your vacation experience starts with a thoughtfully designed, professional-looking, and perfectly customized travel brochure. 

With its lightweight, handheld format—super easy to tuck into a travel bag, fanny pack, or purse—your tourism brochure will capture visitors’ imaginations and conveniently go wherever they do. Splashed with colorful images and alluring text, your bifold or trifold travel brochure could be just the thing that convinces them to stop off at that strange roadside attraction, select your cruise excursion over others, or sign on the dotted line for your full-service vacation package.

No matter the destination, vibe, or price tag of your tourist experience, the right travel brochure design will set the tone for your guests—not only getting them excited but also providing helpful information to make the most of their long-awaited vacation. And MyCreativeShop makes it easier to create that perfect design!

Instead of hiring a graphic designer to make your tourism brochure, you can make it yourself in our easy-to-use online editor. We have tons of professionally designed travel brochure templates, so all you need to do is choose one and then customize it with your own text, brand assets, photos, and more. Even with no design experience, you can quickly go from idea to print—which, by the way, you can order directly from us, too.

From start to finish, your brochure can be done in minutes and ready to inspire vacation delight.

Creative Travel Brochure Examples and Ideas

The phrase “tourism brochure” may call to mind a specific type of thing, but in reality, the opportunities are unlimited! You don’t have to create the same basic pamphlet you’ve seen a million times before. For instance, here are a handful of ways that MyCreativeShop users have taken one of our travel brochure templates and turned it into a powerhouse marketing item:

  • General Travel Brochures: Heavy on gorgeous imagery and cultural highlights, a general travel brochure is a great way to introduce a destination. You can fill an entire rack in your hotel or travel agency by featuring prime locations like Spain, Japan, or Australia.
  • Specific Travel Guides: Go a little more in depth with your travel pamphlet by turning it into a detailed guide about one specific topic that your area is famous for. Maybe it’s a key historical event, a seasonal festival, or world-famous nightlife.
  • Travel FAQ Guides: Make your travel agency brochure stand out in tourists’ minds by providing pressure-free information on common FAQs such as travel insurance, airline refund policies, baggage allowances, and more.
  • Local Maps: Especially in local tourist centers or hotels, maps are indispensable. Even in the age of smartphones, many travelers enjoy the tactile feel of paper maps—and they make great keepsakes, too!
  • Foodie Guides: We all know that food is a sure-fire way to anyone’s heart, especially on lazy vacation days! Dish out some “secret” recommendations for fancy hotspots, fast-casual dining, and mom-and-pop dives.
  • Road Trip Guides: From South Africa’s Chapman’s Peak Drive to US Route 66 to Switzerland’s Great St. Bernard Pass, there are some drives that should be on everyone’s bucket list! Use your tourism brochure to captivate tourists who prefer to vacation behind the wheel.

To make your travel brochures more useful, you can add some helpful resources on top of the pretty pictures and welcoming text. Provide key information such as emergency contacts, nearby ATM locations, tourist safety tips, local taxi apps, free wifi hotspots, or common scam warnings—and you’ll turn your pamphlet into something that visitors will actually prioritize hanging onto!

Find the Perfect Travel Brochure Template for You 

However you plan to use your travel brochure, MyCreativeShop is certain to have a template to bring your vision to life. Each template has been made by a professional graphic designer and comes with cohesive color schemes, bold headlines, easy-to-read paragraph text, and placeholders for eye-catching imagery. If you’re worried about how to make a travel brochure look good, there’s no need! All you’ll have to do is fill in these spaces with your own information—and voila, your custom pamphlet is tourist-ready.

If you do want to make more customizations, we make that easy as well. In any travel brochure template, you can experiment with:

  • Fonts
  • Colors
  • Background Patterns
  • Layouts
  • Images
  • And More!

You can upload your own logo and other brand assets, and you can also browse our stock photo library for high-res images that’ll grab your viewers’ attention. Whether your vacation mission is beachy relaxation, historical charm, or outdoorsy tough, it’s easy to play around until you find the perfect design for you.

If you don’t like something you’ve done, click undo or start fresh with a new template! You can make unlimited revisions to both sides of the page.

Suitably Sized for Hassle-Free Distribution

We offer two standard sizes of travel and tourism brochure:

  • 8.5” x 11” trifold and bifold
  • 11” x 17” bifold

Both sizes are portable and ideal for a variety of distribution methods. You can pass them out by hand at key tourist hotspots, leave them on freshly made beds for hotel guests to peruse, or stack them in a rack by the door of your travel agency. If you’re looking to entice the locals during the off-season, you could even send your brochures by mail or leave them on nearby doorsteps.

Order Prints with a Guaranteed Delivery Date

Once you’ve finished tailoring your travel guide design, you can order professional prints within a few clicks. You won’t have to mess with bleed settings or other document details, as our editor automatically makes your pamphlet print-ready. What you see when you design is exactly what you’ll get! 

You can choose a quantity ranging from 50 travel guides to 50,000 and then select standard or premium thick paper. Both papers are flexible and easy to handle, and all travel brochures arrive pre-folded and ready to go. 

It’s Easy to Download, Print, or Share Anywhere

Although many MyCreativeShop users prefer to print with us, we believe that more options are always better! If you’d prefer to print your brochures locally, you can do that instead with no hassle at all. Just click download to get a high-quality PDF that can be taken and printed at any professional print shop. 

At the same time, why not download a web-ready image, too? You can upload this image to your travel agency’s website, share it on social media, or send it out in an automated email blast to your newsletter subscribers. The more times your customers can see their dream vacation (literally!), the more ready they’ll be to get away.

MyCreativeShop can help you market the trip of the lifetime to any corner of the globe—without spending a fortune on designing, printing, or shipping! Check out our awesome selection of travel brochure examples, choose a ready-made template, and start customizing it now.

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Tips to get you started on designing, printing & promoting your Travel Brochures

The most important part of creating an enticing travel brochure is having a set of high-quality, professional photos to draw from. You’ll also want to select a handful of location features to highlight in your brochure. Those features will differ depending on whether your brochure is focused on a landmark or attraction or on a general location (city, state, region, country). Once you’ve landed on your chosen features, make sure you have content to correspond with each photo. Using your local knowledge, determine how you will arrange your content and photos to tell a story that compels others to experience it for themselves. Next, check out our catalog to find the travel brochure template that fits your destination. Upload your photos to make customization quick and easy. Apply your own custom color scheme, then use the tools in our editor to replace the placeholder text and images so that your story is told instead. Choose a font that fits and insert text boxes, shapes, icons, and arrows as needed with just a click or two. Include all necessary contact information so that an intrigued reader can learn more, and consider utilizing a QR code that lands on your website  if you have more story to tell than space to tell it. Proofread your project and even ask one or two others to give it a onceover. Once satisfied, you’re ready to print!

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Your travel brochure should include high-quality, professional photographs of the destination, well-written but brief text that makes the case for a traveler to plan a trip (including seasonal changes, budget considerations, and the best time to visit), and a call to action that enables the reader to learn more. You can also include glowing testimonials from past visitors if you have them. Tell a compelling story, then include a link to your website or a phone number for booking.

A travel brochure is a document that promotes a specific location, hotel, landmark, or destination. Often created by travel agencies, visitor bureaus, tourism departments, and chambers of commerce, travel brochures are designed to provide more information about a travel destination in order to encourage visitors to plan a vacation that includes that specific place. Travel agencies may also use travel brochures to advertise unique vacation packages.


As you visualize the layout of your travel brochure, begin with an eye-catching image on the cover panel, along with minimal text and a logo (if needed) - when in doubt, opt for more photos and less text. You can then use the inside panels to tell the story of your destination and why they should visit with lots of photos and the text necessary to spark their interest. The back panel of the brochure is an ideal (and expected!) location for you to provide contact information, booking details, and even a little bit about the company creating the brochure.

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