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Build parent confidence in your child care facility with brochures that detail everything from your staff’s credentials to your center’s state certifications. With our child care brochure templates, you can customize a brochure that eases parents worries and pits you as an expert in your niche market. Upload photos of your center’s amenities, and then add your center’s mission and goals in your chosen text, font, and colors. Get your brochures ready for distribution quickly by printing them yourself, or leave the printing to us to ensure your finished product has a professional feel. read more

Before beginning the design process for your child care brochure, take the time to gather everything you’ll need. If you plan to use photos of the children in your care, make sure to get their parents’ written permission. Pull together any original written content you are going to include and have your branding strategy well in hand. Then, browse our online catalog of child care brochure templates until you find the one that matches your vision. Upload your photos and use them to replace the template’s stock images. Choose the friendliest colors from your brand palette and apply them to your brochure. Use our text box tools to insert your original content giving parents peace of mind about who you are, what you have to offer, and why they should trust you with their child. Choose a fun and playful font for your headings and feature your contact information prominently. Upload your logo and add shapes, icons, arrows, patterns, and so much more with ease. Give your finished brochure a final perusal before sending it our way to print or doing it yourself.

Within the child care industry we see a few different types of brochures being created. The most popular are daycare brochures and babysitting brochures. The design styles are very similar with playful imagery, bright colors (yellows, blues, reds and greens) and fun patterns. The designs within child care are clearly used to communicate a friendly and fun atmosphere for kids while also communicating to parents that their children will be safe and well taken care of.