Massage Flyers

Is there anyone out there who DOESN’T love a relaxing massage?  Overcome the barriers presented by lack of information and a fear of the unknown by customizing one (or more!) of our professionally-crafted massage flyers to better connect with your existing and potential clients.  Our online editor is so easy to use, you might not stop at just one flyer!  Scare away the “I wish I knew” monster with a flyer that gives details about each of your massage services, including those that may seem intimidating to those new to the world of massage (hot stone, river rock, shiatsu).  Included in that group are those who could benefit from a custom-designed massage therapy plan, so make sure to share those service options as well.  Meet the fear of the [financial] unknown head-on in another way by creating a flyer that shares the particulars of your special offers and seasonal & gift packages.  You have the power – don’t be afraid to share it!

Massage Brochures

Don’t be afraid to toot your own horn when sharing your massage skills and services with potential clients.  After all, you’re a pro, and your marketing materials should have an equally professional look to match.  Take advantage of our team of professional designers by choosing one of their specially-made massage brochures to customize.  Using our online editor, you’ll be able to generate a variety of brochures – give clients a birds-eye view of the scope of your services or go in-depth on a specific offering, such as chair or hot stone massages.  The choice is always yours – you know your business better than anyone.  Print the brochures yourself or allow us to deliver a premium print job right to your front door – you won’t regret it!

Massage Posters

As a massage therapist, your skills are always in high demand.  Set yourself apart from the rest of the pack by creating and displaying your own set of professionally-designed massage posters.  Choose one of our templates to customize, then hop on over to our easy-to-use online editor to give it your special touch.  Create a poster for every conceivable marketing need – put together an attractive list of your massage services or an in-depth look into your massage therapy philosophy and treatment options. Get your clients excited to pre-book when they see your new special offers or catch a glimpse of your upcoming holiday package specials.  Print your own finished product or let us wrap it all up and send it to your front door.  We aim to please!

Massage List

Ultimately, the goal of marketing, regardless of your industry, is communication.  In the world of massage, one of the most important things to communicate to clients and prospective clients is your pricing structure.  A price list can come in a variety of forms, and MyCreativeShop employs graphic designers that constantly generate new massage marketing material templates.  Pick the document type that fits your preferences, whether you prefer a simple one-page flyer or larger poster, or if you’re a fan of the more detailed (yet still classy) bi- or tri-fold brochure.  Use our online editor to turn your project into a masterpiece of marketing genius, then send it to your favorite printer.  Don’t have a go-to print shop?  Let us have that honor – we’ll do a premium job and deliver it right to your door.

Massage Business Cards

After a great massage, the majority of your clients are dreaming of the day they can return.  Make their dreams come true by customizing a massage business card that doubles as a reminder of their next appointment.  Our design team is always creating new business card templates, so pick the one that fits you best and use our online editor to give it your special flair.  We simplify the process, so you can change up the layout, select a different font, change the color scheme, and even upload your logo or an inspiring photo.  When you’re satisfied with the end result, we can even print them up and send them to your front door.  Don’t forget to write in those appointment details so that they know when to come back!