Massage Therapy Flyers

As a licensed massage therapist, the reason for your clients’ visits run the gamut from relaxation and de-stressing to relief from chronic pain and anxiety. Reach out to those clients who fall into the latter category by creating a custom massage therapy flyer that lays out treatment plan package options, pricing, and your philosophy of healing. For those who rely on you and your services to function in their everyday lives, affordability and a definite treatment goal are their top priorities. Offer compassionate pricing and deep discounts on multiple-session packages. Your personally-designed flyer will lift your clients’ spirits and ease their pain without emptying their wallet!

Valentine's Day Massage Flyers

Take advantage of the most corporately romantic day of the year by designing and distributing your own custom Valentine’s Day massage specials flyer. An appropriate photo backdrop (hearts, anyone?) is a solid start, then describe your tempting offers. A couple’s massage is the obvious service to highlight first. Work in a Sweetheart gift package (massage, champagne, chocolate, pampering) to provide the perfect V-Day gift-giving option for boyfriends and husbands everywhere. Allow your clients to make a “wish list” for their significant other to draw from when selecting the ideal present. MyCreativeShop’s design tools will have you donning wings and Cupid’s bow & arrow in no time!

Services Offered Massage Flyers

Help your community work out their kinks and draw in new clients with a well-designed and organized flyer that describes the massage services you offer. Convince them that they “knead” you – put together an irresistible list of your many therapeutic massage options that promise to restore and rejuvenate. Cultivate an atmosphere of relaxation by choosing a calm and serene color scheme and a spa-like massage photo as a backdrop. Include the length options for each service (whether 30, 60, or 90 minutes or any other time period), pricing, and package options. Use our online editor to design your flyer and begin de-stressing your neighborhood, one client at a time!

Special Offer Massage Flyers

Spoil your massage clients and attract a new crop of regulars with an irresistible special offer. Promote your amazing deal by designing your own customized flyer. Two for one deep tissue massages (one for now, one for later!), pampered mama gift package (prenatal and postnatal massage for one great rate), or even a Valentine’s Day couples’ massage special are all attractive options to increase your client roster and profit margin with minimal investment on your part. Spend a few minutes with our online editor, and you’ll have the perfect flyer ready to go. Hand them out to your regulars to share them with their friends!

Hot Stone Massage Flyers

Give your massage therapy clients a new relaxation option by promoting your hot stone massage with a calming, therapeutic flyer. Upload your own serene photo as a backdrop or choose from one of our many stock images. A rejuvenating description should include a list of the potential benefits of hot stone massage, like reduced tension and muscle pain, relief from chronic pain, decreased muscle spasms, and increased joint flexibility. Let your customers know how long the massage (and their escape from the daily grind) will last. Be their hero – use our online editor to design your flyer, then go sign yourself up for a hot stone massage at the end of a long workday – you’ve earned it!