Fundraiser Car Wash Flyers

Have a blast and raise money at the same time by holding a car wash fundraiser. Design an eye-catching car wash fundraiser flyer that has cars lining up to have their car made sparkly and contribute to your cause at the same time.  Include your location, date, time, and a compelling case for your cause. Are you raising funds for a friend facing an unexpected medical hardship?  Summarize their situation and link to their CaringBridge® site.  Going on a summer missions trip?  Let them know when, where, and why.  Utilize our online editor to make your flyer work FOR you!

Mobile Car Wash Flyers

What could be better than a freshly washed car?  A freshly washed car in your own driveway!  Promote your mobile car wash business with a custom-designed flyer, and your client list will expand in a jiffy.  Upload a professional photo of your mobile wash vehicle, along with your company logo.  Describe your wash and detailing packages, including starting price points, discounts available for multiple bookings, and information on scheduling and getting a quote.  Client testimonials will sell your service for you, so don’t be afraid to highlight them.  Use our online editor to design a flyer that offers hope for even the dirtiest mud-runner or kid-ruled minivan!

Youth Car Wash Flyers

If your youth group, cheerleading squad, or school sports team is planning a car wash, your first step (after securing a date and location, of course) should be to customize an eye-catching, colorful car wash flyer.  Distribute the flyer around the neighborhood at grocery stores, gyms, and gas stations, and send copies home with the kids to share with their parents and family friends.  Include the date, time, and location of the car wash, along with the price of a wash and what the money will be used for (uniforms, travel expenses, new equipment).  The MyCreativeShop online editor will do most of the work for you – just don’t get it wet!

Car Wash Service Flyers

Whether your car wash is a full-service, one-stop shop or a row of do-it-yourself stalls, foot (or tire!) traffic is a necessity if you want to stay afloat.  Reach your target market by designing your own car wash service flyer and distributing it throughout your community.  Upload your logo and a photo of the amenities you offer or choose from our extensive library of stock images.  List your wash packages/options, along with descriptions and prices.  Add-on and à la carte offerings (interior and exterior detailing, paint and dent repair, upholstery cleaning) should be listed separately.  Our online editor will ensure that your neighborhood will have the cleanest vehicles around!