Car Wash Flyers

Work away Jim Croce’s car wash blues while attracting more dirty cars to your waiting soap suds by choosing one of our available car wash flyer templates to customize and make your own.  Show off your full- or self-service wash features by using our online editor to tweak the design to match your vision.  You can upload photos (or choose from one of our stock images and graphics), change up the layout, color scheme, or font, and include custom text and specials that wash away the competition.  Your finished project can be downloaded as a PDF so you attach it to an email, post it to your website, or send it to your favorite print shop.  We can also handle all of the printing for you, delivering a premium print job right to your door!

Car Wash Posters

Splish, splash like Bobby Darin as you give all those cars a bath – get the whole gang dancin’ on their own living room rug after they arrive home with a sparkling clean vehicle thanks to seeing your completely customized car wash poster.  MyCreativeShop has just the right one for you, whether your car wash is a full-service interior/exterior set-up, convenient pass-through touch free or soft touch wash, or a set of self-service wash bays.  Get onboard with our online editor and touch-up little details here and there or give the design a complete overhaul with your own pictures, color scheme, layout, and font.  Use the spacious real estate of your poster to feature your wash specials, and you’ll have a party goin’ on before you know it!

Car Wash Business Cards

When it comes to running a car wash, the best advertising is the long line of shiny, immaculate cars full of satisfied customers that come parading out of your wash bays.  Equip your mobile marketers with the ability to multiply your reach in your community by customizing one of our squeaky-clean car wash business card templates and including two with every wash – one for your customer and one for them to share with a friend.  Using our online editor, you can tweak every aspect of the design – colors, fonts, layouts, and more.  Give your humble business card a little added value by offering a service discount when drivers bring it on their next visit.  Soon the line for your wash bays will be more than your driveway or parking lot can handle!

Car Wash Signs

Don’t let any dirty, mud-covered vehicles pass you by without a second glance – customize an array of eye-catching car wash signs that cause steering wheels and GPS voices to make a quick turn your way.  MyCreativeShop has oodles of professionally-designed templates for you to choose from.  Pick the one that speaks to you, then slide on over to our online editor to turn it into your unique creation.  Upload photos, choose a fun font, change up the color scheme, or switch up the layout.  The world (and the sign!) is your oyster.  Once you’re satisfied, send it to your favorite local print shop or call an audible and let us deliver a completed print job on premium paper right to your door. Hurry, before the next potential customer leaves a mud trail as they drive right on by!

Car Wash Fundraiser

Arm your teammates or fellow club members with sponges, soapy buckets, and extendable scrub brushes in anticipation of your upcoming car wash fundraiser.  Once you’ve got a date, time, and location set, MyCreativeShop is ready with an army of marketing material templates created by graphic design pros.  Start anywhere you like – go big by starting with a fundraiser sign, poster or flyer. Want to try something else? Small print can have a big impact as well, so maybe our tickets and postcards are just what you're looking for!  The choice is always yours, and our online editor is so easy to work with that it makes it a snap to do it all yourself, no experience required.  You’ll be ready to scrub the dirtiest mud-runner in no time!