Babysitting Flyers

It doesn’t matter if you’re a middle or high school student looking to earn extra money after school and on weekends or a retiree hoping to pick up some side cash while staying close to those who make you feel young – babysitting jobs don’t always fall into your lap.  It can take time to build up your client base, so don’t waste a second (those kids will eventually be too old to need a babysitter).  With MyCreativeShop, you can customize the perfect babysitting flyer to share with parents, friends, and neighbors.  Our library of professionally-designed templates has just the one to meet your needs.  Make sure to share your story (briefly), your rates & availability, and your passion for caring for children, along with a note about your experience and any certifications you hold (CPR, First Aid, AED).  Distribute your completed flyer throughout your neighborhood – including the grocery store, gym, library, and elementary school.  Your phone will be ringing before you know it!

Babysitting Posters

Looking to build up your babysitting client Rolodex à la Kristy, Mary Ann, Claudia, and Stacey of Baby-Sitters’ Club fame?  Reach out to a new set of families by customizing an eye-catching and fun babysitting poster that draws in parents and kids alike.  MyCreativeShop offers a wide variety of available poster templates designed by pros, so all you have to do is choose your favorite and hop on over to our online editor to make it your own.  Include all of your contact info, certifications (First Aid, CPR, AED Training), experience, references, and a note about what sets you apart - since the poster won’t be pocket-sized, make sure they remember you.  You can also design a set of babysitting business cards to be placed nearby. Either way, with our help, your client list will go through a growth spurt in no time!

Babysitting Business Cards

The trusty pocket-sized business card is a great way to share your babysitting business with your current clients’ friends and neighbors.  MyCreativeShop offers a huge variety of customizable, professionally-designed business card templates to fit your niche.  Choose your fave, then give it some extra love with our user-friendly online editor.  Upload photos, customize the text, pick your color scheme, change the fonts – the options are almost endless!  A well-designed, professional-looking babysitting business card builds confidence and trust with parents as they seek out caretakers for their precious children.  Show them you mean business – print your own or entrust the responsibility for a premium print job to the pros (us)!

Babysitting Brochures

Even though they starred in 200+ novels, “The Baby-Sitters Club” would have been even more successful if they had enlisted MyCreativeShop’s help to create a set of customized babysitting brochures.  Everyone in Connecticut would have been dialing KL5-3231 to hire Kristy, Mary Ann, Claudia, Stacey, and Dawn if they had even more info at their fingertips.  We offer an awesome selection of babysitting brochure templates – pick the one that speaks to you, then use our online editor to turn it into your masterpiece.  Choose bi-fold or tri-fold, upload your own photos or utilize our online library of stock images, and include lots of details about you, your story, your experiences, rates, availability, and any certifications you hold (CPR, AED, First Aid).  Give parents confidence in your ability to properly care for those most precious to them. Share your finished product with everyone in your neighborhood and circle of influence, then be prepared for your calendar to fill up quickly!

Babysitting Signs

How do you reach new babysitting clients without a personal connection?  Customize a can’t-miss babysitting sign that gives you a great first impression and begs a real-life introduction.  We offer professionally-designed babysitting sign templates for you to choose from – you’ll look like a real pro when you utilize our super-simple online editor to share your babysitting business with your entire community.  Upload photos (or use some of ours!), customize the layout and color scheme, pick your fave font, and include your phone number in BOLD.  Print the signs yourself or take advantage of our premium print service – we won’t let you down!