Oil Change

Routine car maintenance isn’t on everyone’s shortlist of fun weekend activities – and many people don’t have the space or tools available, even if they do have the know-how.  Fill a need by designing and handing out a fully viscous oil change postcard or flyer.  MyCreativeShop’s online editor takes the friction out of the creative process by allowing you to customize anything you want. Upload a photo of you or one of your auto repair crew in action or choose from our expansive library of stock images.  Include a great deal on a single oil change, or offer a coupon book of changes at a discount when the flyer is brought in or mentioned. What are you waiting for? Get your materials designed now so that you can save Saturdays for auto owners everywhere!

Auto Repair Flyers

Unless you’re the guys from Gas Monkey Garage and have the benefit of weekly reality TV exposure, odds are you’ll need to do some advertising to grow your auto shop’s regular client base.  Jump in the driver’s seat of our easy-to-use online editor and churn out a customized auto repair flyer that would make even Richard Rawlings jealous. Upload your logo and a million-dollar photo – or, choose from our extensive library of stock images.  Include any unique makes you service – owners of foreign cars will gravitate to a shop that employs a mechanic who has expertise in working with their vehicle.  Highlight any current specials or discounts, and make sure they can’t miss your contact info.  Turn the key in the ignition and drive away with the perfect flyer today!

Auto Repair Brochures

For some of your auto repair clients, car care and the world of internal combustion engines is a mysterious and anxiety-inducing place. Still others utilize your services out of convenience – they understand their vehicle and know how to fix it, but they may not have the time or tools on hand that you do.  Cover both groups by using MyCreativeShop’s online editor to design an auto repair brochure that describes all of your services in detail and includes fair pricing – if you’re able to include an estimated time to complete, do so.  Let your customers know if you warranty any of your services – nobody’s perfect, but promising to admit and fix your mistakes will earn you clients for life!

Auto Repair Posters

Need a way to promote your auto shop in your community?  Looking to let your long-time and walk-in customers know about pricing, special offers, or educate them on what your services entail?  MyCreativeShop’s online editor empowers you to solve any or all of these problems by customizing as many auto repair posters as you require!  Design a poster that embeds your shop’s name in potential customers’ memory banks – use eye-catching colors, a memorable slogan, and your phone number (in a HUGE font).  Once you’ve gotten them in the door, create a service menu poster (with prices!), a deal of the month poster (tire rotations, oil changes, A/C flushes), and another poster with car care tips.  Before you know it, your customer list will be jacked up!

Auto Repair Door Hangers

Looking to drum up more business from the neighborhood around your auto shop?  Use our super-simple online editor to design the perfect auto repair door hanger – no experience necessary!  Feature your logo and shop name prominently – with MyCreativeShop, you can upload your own files or select from our extensive library of stock images, whatever floats your boat (or amphibious car?). Include a special offer, such as a half-price oil change or an attractive discount on one of your most popular services, for those who mention or bring in the door hanger when scheduling an appointment.  Highlight your phone number and location so that your foray into the marketing world isn’t for nothing – if they can’t find you, they can’t hire you!

Auto Repair Business Cards

Most people won’t feel the need to remember their mechanic’s number until their vehicle breaks down – at that point, they’ll wish they had you on speed dial!  Keep them from turning to any old Click or Clack they can pull up on Google by designing a descriptive (but efficient) business card and encouraging your customers to keep it in their glove compartment for quick reference in a car catastrophe.  Upload your logo and select a color scheme that fits your existing branding.  If you have a catchy slogan, this is where it belongs (and if you don’t, come up with something memorable!).  Make sure your contact info is clearly visible – let our online editor do most of the work for you, so that you can get back under whatever vehicle is up on your lift!