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6 Church Planting Marketing Essentials

Discover essential print marketing materials for church plants and how to customize them.
Cassie Viele
Published Nov 5, 2021

So you're planting a church! Church plants can be an enormous undertaking, whether you're starting from scratch or have been sent by an existing church, denomination, or network. In addition to the planning and prayer sessions that are integral to the process, there are a variety of print marketing materials that can also lend a helping hand. Whether you're still building up a launch team or are already hosting services, the below templates can provide the ideal canvas for spreading your message to your neighborhood and community, and each one is easily customizable with the help of MyCreativeShop.

1. Business Cards

Business cards aren't just for networking anymore. Small and portable, consider creating one or more designs that contain all the essential details about your church, such as service times, location, and contact info. Send a stack with every member of your launch team and encourage them to invite those they interact with each day, from coworkers and family members to retail employees and repair technicians. Customized church business cards are also easy to distribute from an info table at community involvement expos and other face to face opportunities.

Church Outreach Business Card Template ub00hxu8y1
Church Outreach Business Card Template kx3wgiesh4

Designs via MyCreativeShop

2. Postcards (aka Invitations)

Creating custom postcards is a simple and effective way to extend an invitation to your community to join you in worship. Larger than a business card but smaller than a flyer, there is still plenty of space for an eye-catching photo or image along with your thoughtfully worded invitation and service details. The below church postcard templates can help spark your creativity.

Beautiful Church Invitation Postcard Template
Church Invitation Postcard Template melu3htwfh
Church Welcome Postcard Template

Designs via MyCreativeShop

Note: The above postcards work best if you have an existing mailing list. If you don't have a list of your own, consider Every Door Direct Mail to reach a targeted audience with your mailing. Our Definitive Guide to Do-It-Yourself Every Door Direct Mail will take you through the process step-by-step, demystifying every aspect. The Church EDDM Postcards in our catalog can easily be customized to meet your needs and utilizing EDDM means that you can connect with a completely new group within your own community!

3. Flyers

Flyers in their most basic form have been around since the days of Ancient China, but that doesn't mean they're outdated. On the contrary, they've stood the test of time, and are still a fantastic way to promote just about anything, including the launch of your new church! With plenty of space to share details about your services, ministry opportunities, or launch events, the trusty flyer can play an irreplaceable role in your marketing campaign. Not sure where to start? We've got a full complement of customizable church flyer templates in our arsenal, making it easy for you to get going quickly, with no design experience required!

Church Outreach Flyer Template kwuw962j31
You Are Invited Church Flyer Template
Campus Life Ministries Church Flyer Template

Designs via MyCreativeShop

4. Posters

Promoting your new church with custom posters allows you to not only share all the details about your launch, but you can also convey a lot about your church's culture and style. All churches (and congregations!) have their own unique personality, so don't be afraid to share what your passion for following Christ looks like! Include your mission statement, if possible, and the best ways for interested families and individuals to get connected. Check out the below church poster templates for inspiration (or to get started!).

Beautiful Church Outreach Poster Template
Rethink Church Outreach Poster Template
Church Welcome Outreach Poster Template

Designs via MyCreativeShop

5. Yard Signs

If you're on the hunt for a simple way your launch team and congregation members can tell their neighborhood about your church plant, look no further than a set of custom yard signs. Yard signs can make an impact whether they're placed in a family's lawn or lining the sidewalks near your church location. Of course, a real-life invite is the best method of connecting with new attenders, but a yard sign can help to spark the conversation! The church yard sign templates below can be customized easily with your own color scheme, logo, and service/contact details.

Church Service Yard Sign Template spr8lrvvyn
Church Service Yard Sign Template h8v2jqdgct
Church Outreach Yard Sign Template 5m0r0fd0w1

Designs via MyCreativeShop

6. Banners

One of the BIGGEST ways to spread the word about your church plant is by creating and hanging your own banners. Whether you utilize your banner to identify the temporary location for your services, promote a special launch-related event or conference, or simply to get connected, the sheer size makes it impossible to miss. Make a plan for yours, then select one of our church banner templates to customize or use them for creative inspiration to start your banner from scratch!

Church Welcome Banner Template fhobgpvuht
Awesome Church Banner Template

Designs via MyCreativeShop


The ways you can utilize print marketing as you launch your church plant are expansive. Custom stickers are easy to attach to water bottles, snacks, books, and more, and make a great addition to any swag table. Keep your attendees in the know about your service order and weekly announcements by creating your weekly bulletins from customizable church brochure templates and update your sending church or network with regular newsletters. For that professional touch, create your own letterhead and utilize custom return-addressed envelopes for your communiques. Outside of print, taking advantage of available social media templates to enhance your online presence.


Final Thoughts...

Planting a church is hard work. Thoughtful use of print marketing can help to ease the load. Find someone on your team with a creative mind and the time to tackle the task and delegate! MyCreativeShop has a variety of customizable templates that can work for you, so get started today!

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