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5 Real Estate Marketing Trends That You Can't Ignore

Stay ahead of the game with these 5 real estate marketing trends.
Andrea Schlottman
Published Feb 22, 2019
As a real estate agent, you ve got your finger on the pulse of your local community: which houses are hot, which neighborhoods are up-and-coming, and which property features are most attractive to buyers of various demographics. While a laser focus on your clients is certainly key, it s equally important not to lose sight of the bigger picture:
Where is the industry headed? What are other successful agents doing? What do home buyers and sellers want, and how can we as agents meet their needs?
This article will answer these questions and more with the help of data from the National Association of Realtors and other industry organizations. We ve pulled out the highlights to identify what s trending and find out what these trends could mean for your real estate agency or brokership. Let s dive right in!

Five Real Estate Marketing Trends You Shouldn t Miss

Trend #1: Building a Digital Presence

This trend isn t exactly new, as companies like, Trulia, Redfin, and Nextdoor have been major players in the industry for several years now. Nevertheless, any list of real estate marketing trends has to include the importance of online platforms like aggregated property listing websites, agency websites, and social media. Why? Because they re only getting more important as technology advances. [caption id="attachment_3777" align="alignnone" width="700"] rawpixel / Pixabay[/caption] Highlights & Statistics
  • 42% of home buyers turn to the internet as their first step in the process.5
  • Google searches related to real estate grew 253% from 2008-2012.1
  • The most visited real estate website in 2018 was, which boasted 533.5 million visits in the first three months alone.3
  • 80% of Realtors surveyed use Facebook, 71% use LinkedIn, and 30% use YouTube.2
What This Trend Means for You Buyers today expect to interact with real estate agents at the click of a button. If you aren t online across multiple platforms, you re missing out on everyone but the very oldest demographic. And even they re using the internet in fact 70% of home shoppers between the ages of 72 and 92 report using the internet!5 [caption id="attachment_3776" align="alignnone" width="700"]Older Man Pexels / Pixabay[/caption] In an uber-connected world, it s essential for you as a real estate agent to build a well-rounded and extensive online presence. Utilize not only official MLS listing sites but also mega-sites like, personally branded real estate websites, and social media platforms. The more robust your online presence, the more trustworthy you ll appear and the more home buyers and sellers you ll reach.

Trend #2: Going Multichannel

Given the growing importance of online spaces for real estate agents, it s no surprise to see a corresponding uptick in the use of multichannel marketing.
Need a refresher? Multichannel marketing refers to the use of numerous  channels  to engage and convert customers: websites, mobile apps, social media, TV, radio, physical advertising, direct mail, and so on.
Highlights & Statistics
  • 89% of home buyers who hired a real estate agent also use the internet to do their own research.1
  • 28% of people who use newspaper print advertising as a search factor also use the internet.1
  • Along with TV/radio/film and event planning, real estate has the highest rate for mobile email opens which points to a strong opportunity for email marketing.6
What This Trend Means for You Even though home buyers are turning to the internet as a preliminary step (and may spend up to three weeks searching before ever contacting an agent1), they re using offline and print marketing channels too. By making it easier for shoppers to get to know you through multiple channels, you ll remove a major barrier to their home search increasing the likelihood that they ll trust you and actually take steps to reach out to you.
Home buyers may spend up to three weeks searching before ever contacting an agent.

National Association of Realtors

We could write an entire post on multichannel marketing, but for now, here are a few ways to get started:
  • Put your website and social media username/handle/site on all of your print advertising.
  • Include special URLs or QR codes on print marketing so that you can track how website visitors were brought to your site.
  • Add all in-person contacts (from an open house, for instance) into your CRM and nurture them through automated email marketing campaigns.
  • Make sure that your real estate marketing print materials match your online presence so that clients see a cohesive, professional brand.

Trend #3 Embracing New Technologies

Taking digital marketing one step further? The vast array of computer-powered, artificial intelligence, and digital imaging technologies that seem to come to market every day. Take, for instance. This company has transformed a common real estate marketing tool, the QR code, through their Sign Snap technology. Shoppers can snap a photo of any For Sale or For Rent sign, upload it to the app, and instantly view that property s details: listing price, photos, video tours, and more. [caption id="attachment_3781" align="alignnone" width="768"]Sign Snap Sign SnapTM by[/caption] Sign Snap works like a QR code but leverages AI technology to deliver a more natural customer experience and it s just one example of how the latest technology is transforming the real estate landscape. Highlights & Statistics
  • Between now and September 2019, Realtors plan to purchase these technologies: CRM software (10%), smart home devices (6%), artificial intelligence interfaces (4%), and 3D camera or VR imaging equipment (4%).9
  • The most desired new technology among Realtors is predictive analytics, which 36% of respondents report wanting.9
  • In 2018, 27% of agents and 21% of brokers spent between $501 and $2,000 on technology.7
  • 36% of home buyers wished that their agent had leveraged technology better to streamline the process.10
What This Trend Means for You The latest AI-powered technology may be not incredibly widespread among real estate agents right now, but the day is definitely coming. Even relatively commonplace real estate marketing tools have begun incorporating AI technology such as predictive analytics to forecast housing market trends (in CRM software) and automated chatbots to generate and qualify leads (through Facebook messenger or on-page live chat boxes). Staying apprised of the latest advances can help you decide if and when to start embracing these new technologies. Like every other aspect of your real estate marketing strategy, you should make this decision based on your clientele. While young tech-savvy home buyers may find chatbots, image recognition, and VR imaging helpful, older buyers may be overwhelmed or confused.

Trend #4: Location, Location, Location

As the internet becomes more packed with information, home shoppers have tons of information at their fingertips, more than ever before. Google Street View shows local buildings, Yelp displays top-rated restaurants, public school rankings are available on local government websites, and Nextdoor gives access to local insights in real time. [caption id="attachment_3783" align="alignnone" width="700"]local map mohamed_hassan / Pixabay[/caption] Even as information becomes more available, however, there are still gaps that simply can t be filled by a Google search, no matter how extensive. And that s where hyperlocalizing as a real estate agent can truly set you apart.
What Is Hyperlocalizing?  According to Lane Hornung, CEO of Colorado real estate start-up zavvie, hyperlocalizing means focusing your marketing activities on a single neighborhood or group of neighborhoods. By specializing in only around 3,000 homes, an agent becomes a true expert on all things local.
Highlights & Statistics
  • In 2017, the median distance between a home buyer s current property and new property was just 15 miles.4
  • 69% of all home shoppers who take action on a branded real estate website begin by searching for a local keyword, such as Denver homes for sale. 1
  • 95% of real estate agents report local market knowledge as being very important or extremely important. 8
What This Trend Means for You Whether you re helping a homeowner move within the same city they ve lived for decades or you re working with a family relocating across the country, one fact remains: the better you know the local area, the better you can find properties that meet your client s needs. To establish yourself as a hyperlocal real estate agent, you ll need to gather as much information as you can. Mine data from online sources, network with local real estate agents, interview local residents (and even previous clients of yours!), show up at local whatever you can to collect data, anecdotes, vibes, and trends that only a true local would know. [caption id="attachment_3785" align="alignnone" width="700"] 955169 / Pixabay[/caption] Then take that hyperlocal information and share it with your clients:
  • Assemble a real estate brochure with local housing market highlights, charts and graphs, and other key statistics of interest.
  • Start blogging on restaurant openings, commercial property developments, school awards, little league tournaments, charitable events, etc.
  • Publish a real estate newsletter comparing different neighborhoods school zoning, flood plain maps, homeowners insurance rates, listing price averages, etc.
  • Create a physical real estate folder (or online series) with go-to resources for home buying in your local area: local lending guides, financing service provider guides, average lending terms, etc.
  • For multichannel marketing, share your graphics, newsletters, and articles across various channels: in direct-mail flyers, on social media, or through an automated email marketing campaign.

Trend #5: Showing, Not Telling, Through High-Quality Video

Real estate videos are far from new, but they ve certainly cemented themselves as a powerful real estate marketing trend with no signs of slowing any time soon. [caption id="attachment_3786" align="alignnone" width="700"]Real Estate Drone Video Pexels / Pixabay[/caption] Highlights & Statistics
  • 39% of all home buyers use online video sites throughout their home search.4
  • 50% of home buyers of all generations, from Millenials/Gen Y to the Silent Generation, found video tours useful.2
  • 26% of Realtors use drones to create property videos (or hire a professional to do it), while 18% of Realtors plan to start using drones in the future.2
What This Trend Means for You Video represents a major opportunity for you to set yourself apart from other real estate agents as long as you use your real estate videos to answer the questions that home buyers are asking. Start with the categories in this chart to build up your collection of videos. You ll not only attract potential home buyers, but you ll establish your brand, create a more solid online presence, and set yourself apart as a hyperlocal real estate leader all of those important trends that we just highlighted above! Here are some ideas to get you started on useful, information-rich, hyperlocal real estate video content:
  • Meet the team videos
  • Quarterly or monthly local housing market updates
  • Hotspot series with episodes focusing on a specific neighborhood
  • One-minute videos highlighting sought-after property features, local events, etc.
  • Tips and tricks for the home search, open house, or closing process
  • Videos of your open houses and other events
  • Tours of houses, neighborhoods, local schools, grocery stores, etc.
Extra tip: According to Brian Hopper of Realtor  Magazine, the trend of super-expensive, Hollywood-esque video productions is over. Rather than an elaborate script or 100% drone footage, he suggests focusing on simple tour-style videos supplemented by well-staged, useful photos of the property.

Bypassing the Trends: Three Tried-and-True Methods for Real Estate Marketing

The real estate marketing trends discussed above may not be incredibly shocking, but they ve steadily been gaining traction and significance over the last few years. Nevertheless, it s always important not to miss the forest for the trees! In other words, don t let a focus on shiny new things prevent you from utilizing some of the most effective and time-tested methods of real estate marketing:

1. Referrals

As much as online platforms and listing sites have helped expand real estate agents reach, referrals are still king: 64% of sellers and 42% of buyers use an agent that was referred to them by a friend, neighbor, or relative.4 If you ever have to make a financial or time-related choice between nurturing current relationships and generating new leads, it probably pays to stay in touch with your previous and existing clients.

2. Direct Mail & Print Advertising

Just because digital marketing has gained prominence doesn t mean that print marketing is dead. According to research by Adwerx and Real Trends,11 both real estate agents and brokers named a mix of print and digital marketing efforts when asked about their top three most effective marketing channels. [caption id="attachment_3787" align="alignnone" width="720"]Real Estate Print Marketing Real Estate Print Marketing by MyCreativeShop[/caption] Similarly, although just 7% of respondents report using them, real estate yard signs were still the third-highest means of finding homes among home buyers (behind the internet, at 51%, and through an agent, at 30%).7

3. Real Estate Photography

Although video is becoming increasingly important as a tool for selling individual homes and building a real estate brand, it hasn t surpassed the power of high-resolution photography, which 89% of buyers find important.4 Extra Tip: Point2 Homes analyzed online property listing data and found that listings with 20 photos drive just as much traffic as those with 50. Save yourself time by uploading and captioning only 20 of a home s best photos.

The Million-Dollar Question: Trendy or Traditional?

You might be wondering where to go from here, and the short answer? It depends on you, your clients, and your location! For successful real estate marketing, it s a good idea to take new trends with a grain of salt. Sure, pay attention to what other agents are doing and how your clients desires and expectations are changing...but at the same time, don t be afraid to continue using the same real estate marketing tools and strategies that have worked for you for years. No matter how much the landscape has changed, you ultimately know your clients best. Mix in some trendy tools with well-proven ones until you find the blend of old and new that best connects with your clients, in your market niche, in your local area. Wondering where to get started with your real estate marketing materials? We ve got dozens of real estate print templates for flyers, yard signs, door hangers, brochures, and more. Choose your favorite design, customize it in a matter of minutes, and have it printed and delivered right to your door!

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