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48 Real Estate Marketing Ideas to Get More Clients

Boost your real estate business with effective marketing strategies.
Andrea Schlottman
Published Dec 21, 2021

According to the National Association of Realtors , 73% of buyers interviewed only one real estate agent during their home search.

Does that surprise you?

This fact can be huge for your real estate business because it means this: as long as you can get people to contact you and set up the interview, you re very likely to earn their business. And to get all those potential clients to contact you, check out the real estate marketing tips below!

Whether you re just getting started or are looking to ramp up a successful firm, you ll find at least a few new real estate marketing strategies (and templates!) below.

Establishing Baseline Professionalism

Photo by Slidebean on Unsplash

When you re starting a real estate business or brokerage firm, the first and most important thing is to establish a baseline of professionalism. After all, it won t help you to get a bunch of new clients if you don t have your basic brand identity down pat! Make sure that all clients who find you are immediately confident that you are real, professional, and trustworthy.

This step includes:

  1. Building a website (either basic or fancy, depending on your budget)
  2. Creating a brand identity at least a logo!
  3. Making real estate business cards and letterhead
  4. Setting up your Google My Business page
  5. Establishing profiles on major social media platforms like Facebook
  6. Joining local housing apps like Zillow, Nextdoor, etc.

The right business card can help set the tone for your clients, whether your target market is affordable or luxury. Customize this real estate business card!

Getting Your Name Out There

Photo by Stephen Phillips - on Unsplash

Once you ve gotten your business essentials set up, it s time to move onto marketing. Real estate marketing can sound intimidating, but it s really just about getting your name out there. Find where your target audience is, and then put out strategic messages to meet them where they are. Simple!

Here are some go-to strategies for marketing your real estate firm:

  1. Direct mail postcards try EDDM postcards for easy, cost-effective targeting within specified zip codes!
  2. Regularly posting and commenting in social media groups to establish brand awareness
  3. Paid ads on search engines like Google, Yelp, or Bing
  4. Paid ads on social media like Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn
  5. Real estate yard sign campaigns in key neighborhoods you serve
  6. Special seasonal offers, like a free moving truck or free moving supplies during the summer high-season moving months
  7. Real estate door hanger campaigns to reach a whole street in just a few minutes
  8. Doorknocking on new homeowners homes maybe even offering a small gift to welcome them to the area!
  9. Keyword optimization for your website to get more organic search traffic
  10. Cold outreach by phone, email, or social media messaging
  11. Hanging posters or flyers in key locations: parks, neighborhood clubhouses, community centers, etc.
  12. Creating popular shareable posts for social media: inspirational quotes, statistics, tips of the day, local property highlights, current real estate trends, etc.
  13. In-person outreach at local events like festivals, exhibitions, or home shows

EDDM postcards are an excellent way to reach homeowners without having your own mailing list. The post office will do it all for you all you have to do is design your EDDM real estate postcard!

Yard signs are a natural way to draw attention to the amazing properties you help buy and sell. They re also a great way to get eyes on your open houses!

One of the best things about door hangers? They re super affordable and easy to distribute. Customize a real estate door hanger like the one below.

For a thorough run-down of all these essentials and more, check out our real estate marketing starter kit! 

Building Credibility and Showcasing Expertise

Photo by Jaime Lopes on Unsplash

Once you ve got the real estate marketing basics down, you can really hone in on establishing your credibility and earning trust. With the right marketing pieces, you can position yourself as the authority for whatever real estate niche you serve. 

Check out these ideas for growing your business by establishing your unique expertise:

  1. Ask for reviews from happy clients and then publish the best ones as testimonials on your real estate flyers
  2. Write blog posts answering common questions, explaining confusing topics, or commenting on industry trends
  3. Become the go-to source for hyperlocal real estate information
  4. Create unique content on your website, like quizzes to help buyers find the right house or neighborhood
  5. Publish especially niche information that searchers can t really find anywhere else
  6. Go to networking events and focus on building your professional network
  7. Put in extra effort for staging, branding, and marketing of open houses
  8. Host real-time Q&As on Facebook Live or Instagram
  9. Host online webinars or in-person seminars
  10. Write thought leadership posts on LinkedIn
  11. Serve on the board of a networking group, professional organization, or related nonprofit
  12. Seek out featured write-ups in local publications or periodicals
  13. Try to publish guest blog posts on other real estate or homeowner-friendly sites
  14. Send out real estate brochures with an educational focus try topics like "how to stage a home" or "common mistakes by first-time home sellers"

Real estate flyers are incredibly versatile and can be used to showcase your expertise in many ways. This one advertises an upcoming seminar. (Customize it!)

Brochures are a terrific way to pack in tons of information that potential clients would want to know. With a well-designed real estate brochure, you ll establish your know-how and present a professional face.

Working Your Network

Photo by LinkedIn Sales Solutions on Unsplash

Working your network can mean a ton of things to a real estate agent, from attending or hosting in-person events to keeping yourself top-of-mind with your online audience. Whatever you do, it s important to be continuously building your network of clients, leads, and partners.

Try these ideas on for size:

  1. Send out a regular real estate newsletter, either in print or email format
  2. Ask for referrals from happy customers perhaps offer a small incentive or gift for doing so!
  3. Continuously drive people to your website through links or QR codes on print marketing materials
  4. Build professional partnerships to get more referrals consider other home services providers like roofers, remodelers, lawn care, home inspectors, etc.
  5. Find a real estate partner who works in a different but complementary niche
  6. Put on free fun events for the community
  7. Invite your network to open houses with free snacks and drinks
  8. Continue posting on social media to provide helpful guides, PDFs, blog post links, or explainer videos
  9. Post surveys for your clients or social media followers (e.g. What s your favorite neighborhood? Where would you like to live if money weren t a factor? What was your biggest regret about your first home?)
  10. Host social media contests, offering a prize for people who share your post or tag you

Newsletters provide a consistent touchpoint with customers and can help keep your real estate firm top of mind. Design a real estate newsletter like the one below.

Investing in Your Real Estate Marketing

Photo by Marten Bjork on Unsplash

At the end of the day, real estate marketing is an ongoing activity. Once you ve achieved your first milestones, that just means that there s more you can do to keep reaching more people and growing your business! Here are some final tips for continuing your marketing efforts:

  1. Create a real estate marketing calendar to help you keep track of the year s planned outreach
  2. Set strategic goals and KPIs for each quarter
  3. Create an inventory of evergreen print marketing materials
  4. Embark on more complex marketing efforts, like videos on YouTube or a podcast
  5. Improve your website with unique functionality, better SEO, or a fancier look

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