Music Lesson Flyer Templates

Recruit a new crop of musically-inclined students by promoting the music lessons you offer with a set of custom-designed flyers you create yourself – just another way to invest in those you teach
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Blank Flyer
Voice Lessons   Side 1 Image Voice Lessons   Side 2 Image
Voice Lessons Flyer Template
4" x 9" Flyer
Classic Music Lessons   Side 1 Image Classic Music Lessons   Side 2 Image
Classic Music Lessons Flyer Template
4" x 9" Flyer
Music Lesson Promo   Side 1 Image Music Lesson Promo   Side 2 Image
Music Lesson Promo Flyer Template
4" x 9" Flyer
Just Beginning Music Lessons   Side 1 Image Just Beginning Music Lessons   Side 2 Image
Just Beginning Music Lessons Flyer Template
4" x 9" Flyer
Your Music Lessons   2 Side 1 Image Your Music Lessons   2 Side 2 Image
Your Music Lessons Flyer Template 2
4" x 9" Flyer

Music Lesson Flyers

Whether teaching music is your primary source of income or simply a side gig, create a fun, easy, and portable way to promote your lessons by custom-designing your own flyers. With a variety of sizes, styles, and layouts, our catalog of music lessons flyer templates has the perfect fit for you. Include a coupon for a discount on their first lesson and promote your prepayment plan options and family rates. Compose a brief but powerful bio that shares your training, experience, and passion for teaching and upload a high-quality photo or two. Print or share your flyers anywhere you like. Distribute your flyers to every student in the local elementary and high schools and watch your lesson schedule fill up!

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Tips to get you started on designing, printing & promoting your Music Lesson Flyers

Creating a music lesson flyer is simply a matter of compiling all of the details about the instruction you offer with one of our already-designed music lesson flyer templates. Those details include your name, contact information, and the instrument(s) for which you provide lessons. Select one of our music lesson flyer templates to customize, then begin by applying a color scheme that grabs the reader’s attention and fits your style. Keep the existing font(s) or decide on one or two that are a better match for you. Replace the sample image(s) with your own high-quality photos or graphics and update all the existing text with your original content. Insert shapes, arrows, icons, and more to draw attention to important items, then proofread your finished flyer to ensure there are no typos or gaffes. Print your music lesson flyer with us or send it to the printer of your choice.

When deciding what to include in your music lesson flyer, consider what you might want to know before signing up. First, be specific about the instrument or instruments for which you provide instruction. Lay out your training, credentials, and years of experience. Share any specific musical styles you specialize in and the levels you teach. Let the reader know when (days and times) and where you offer lessons, along with what you charge. Finally, make sure to make it easy for prospective students to contact you by including your best phone number or email address as well as your website address. Social media handles can allow people to stay connected even if they’re not able to sign up for lessons at this time.

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