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Creating a flyer for your counseling service takes just a few minutes. Start by coming up with your call to action (CTA) - what you want the reader to DO after viewing your flyer. Then, pull together all the elements you’ll need to achieve that goal. Inputs may include your organization’s logo, a high-quality photo or two, your contact details, and the original content you’ve developed to build confidence and trust in who you are and what you have to offer. You’ll also need to have a solid understanding of your office’s branding strategy. With the prep work completed, browse our catalog of counseling flyer templates until you find one that is a good facsimile of your vision. Apply your custom color scheme, replace the sample logo and images with your own, and use our text box tools to insert all of your original content. Utilize a heading that calls the reader to action, and make sure to mirror that motivation with your contact details (or another way to respond). Choose up to 2 fonts to use for the entire flyer, as it makes for a better viewing experience. If needed to convey your message, insert shapes, arrows, icons, and more with a few clicks. Once complete, have another set of eyes look it over for any goofs or design inconsistencies, then order up a set of prints from us or do it yourself.