Roofing Door Hanger Templates

Whether it’s a result of heavy snow, angry winds, aggressive hail, or just plain wear and tear, roofs in your community will eventually be in need of your roofing repair or replacement services. Get your name out there by papering your neighborhood with custom-designed door hangers that let them know exactly who to call. Use our online editor to customize one of our professionally-crafted roofing door hanger templates, then print a stack with us or your favorite local shop and carry them with you as you embark on an evening or afternoon walk (before your schedule fills up completely!).
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3.5" x 8.5" Door Hanger

Roofing Door Hangers

Homeowners benefit from having a go-to list of professional tradespeople to call when experiencing a home repair-related problem - plumbers, electricians, furnace repair technicians.  Add your name to their speed dial by customizing a roofing door hanger and distributing it throughout your community. Emphasize your ability to work with insurance companies when repairing hail damage and replacing shingles blown off by the fury of straight-line winds. Let them know that you are available for all roofing repairs (not just storm damage) – replacing aging shingles, putting up new sheeting, fixing animal or tree damage.  With our easy-to-use online editor, you’ll soon have a full dance card of repair projects to keep you busy!

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How to make a roofing door hanger?

Creating an effective roofing door hanger begins with a bit of preparation. Decide on the purpose of your door hanger. Are you going to distribute them after a big storm or share them with the rest of the neighborhood at your next job? Answering these questions ahead of time, as well as gathering needed inputs (your logo, a high-quality image or two, and original content), makes the template selection process simple. Just browse our online catalog and choose the roofing door hanger template that enables you to best fulfill your selected purpose. Then, use the tools in our online editor (along with your branding strategy) to apply your custom color scheme, insert your logo and images, and update the placeholder text with your own unique content. Create a heading that grabs the reader’s attention and calls them to action. Choose one or two fonts to get your message across - too many fonts can make your door hanger look messy. Insert shapes, icons, and arrows to add definition when space allows, and make sure that your contact information stands out. Give your finished door hanger a final inspection, then you’re ready to print!

What to include in a roofing door hanger?

Your roofing door hanger should include the obvious basics - your logo, company name, and contact information. As space allows, it can also be helpful to catch the reader’s eye and keep them interested with a vivid, high-quality image or two (door hangers have two sides!) and an action-oriented heading that motivates them to choose your services. You’ll want to include the details of the special offer or discount you are promoting (if applicable), along with a notation that you offer free, no-pressure estimates. Depending on where you live, there may be state or local guidelines for advertising home repair service, so you’ll want to research those and be careful to follow them. 

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