MyCreativeShop’s team of talented professional designers has put together a huge assortment of custom pocket folder templates for you to select from.  Scroll through the list to find “the ONE,” then utilize the wide array of customizable options in our online editor to make it your own.  You can upload photos or your logo and even customize the color scheme to match.  After you’ve made all your unique tweaks, your pocket folder will truly be one of a kind (the best way to stand out!).

Custom Pocket Folders

When it comes to managing paperwork, staying organized can begin to feel like a full-time job.  Where DID you stash little Johnny’s kindergarten registration papers?  What happened to that checklist of required documents from the mortgage broker? Did that bid sheet from the builder get thrown out? By the time you’ve tracked down the missing piece, your head is spinning in circles, and you need a power nap just to complete your day!

Give your clients a leg up as they navigate the onslaught of potentially-recyclable materials that they are bombarded with by handing them your important documents in a custom-designed pocket folder that ensures they always know where to go to find the papers you’ve worked hard on for them. Not only will it make your materials easy to find, it provides them with the perfect location to keep any completed documents to return to you.

The pocket folder is a friend to every industry – the options go on and on!  Hand your accounting firm’s clients their tax returns and documents grouped by tax year in a smartly designed pocket folder that’s easy to track down and keep safe. School (K-12 and university) registration documents (including those back-to-school night flyers you designed!) will find their way back to you more efficiently if they are sent out in a snazzy pocket folder. Never mix up a departure date again by distributing travel itineraries, flight details, and accommodations info (and custom-designed travel brochures!) to your travel agency’s clients in a beautifully-crafted folder.

Treatment plans and details should be distributed to your dental office’s patients in a toothsome (but sugar-free!) folder that also includes appropriate dental health educational materials.  Your chiropractic adjustees will benefit from a straightforward package of treatment goals, costs, and schedule, along with a listing of exercises they can do at home to maintain good spinal health, all wrapped up in a well-adjusted pocket folder that they can take home with them.

Real estate agencies can educate and empower their clients on both sides of the aisle (buyers and sellers) by wrapping all of the necessary documents needed for the homebuying process into one brilliantly-designed pocket folder.  Give first-time homebuyers a checklist of what to expect on the journey, including personal docs they should be gathering (bank statements, tax returns, paystubs).  Sellers can also benefit from a customized-for-them open house checklist.  Those empty pockets provide an ideal space for your own educational and marketing materials (a copy of your most recent newsletter or an invitation to an open house for a just-listed property), and no pocket folder would be complete without a personalized business card placed “just so” that keeps your contact info at the forefront.