Art Show Flyers

Pablo Picasso said, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”  Help your community bring out their inner child by customizing a compelling art show flyer that encourages them to remember their youth by learning to appreciate art at any age.  MyCreativeShop’s online editor enables you to have as much or as little control over your design as you like – you can customize every little thing, or you can rely on the artistic skills of our professional graphic designers. Your flyer should tell a story – describe the works in the exhibition in words and photos and give background on the artists featured.  Don’t forget the “boring” details like dates, times, and location.  Start designing now, so that you can complete your project before your Andy Warhol-esque fifteen minutes of world fame are up!

Art Show Posters

In his 1955 essay collection, No Man Is an Island, Thomas Merton wrote that “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”  Customize an art show poster that has show patrons finding their way to your exhibition so that they can lose themselves in the works being shown.  Upload professional photos of highlighted pieces, along with photos and short bios of each featured artist.  Advertise the run dates for the show, along with the location and hours it will be open each day. If it’s part of a traveling art exhibit, lay out the other dates and locations the show can be seen.  Great art takes hard work – honor the creativity of your show’s artists by using our online editor to design a poster that works hard for them!

Art Show Brochures

The work of an artist is precious.  Showcase it in a beautifully designed and customized art show brochure.  Cast a spotlight on featured pieces, along with a short description or history of important works. Craft a biography of the creator(s) that focuses on artistic influences, preferred mediums, and favored styles and periods. Personal anecdotes that connect the art appreciator to the artist and shed light on the meaning behind great works are also a wonderful inclusion.  Finally, make sure to list the location and hours the show will take place, and highlight any other opportunities that may exist for patrons to view the show (such as an exhibition at the MoMA or another prominent gallery).  Our online editor takes the guesswork out of designing a great brochure – as Henri Matisse said, “Creativity takes courage” – so get after it!