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15 Impactful Minimalist Poster Design Ideas

Discover how minimalist poster design can make your message stand out and drive action.
Dustin Hodgson
Published Jul 31, 2019

We ve all heard it before less is more, which is precisely why minimalist poster design is trending in marketing right now. But what is minimalist design and why does it matter? Meg Reid, designer and 99Designs contributor explains:

"At its core, minimalist design (or minimalism) is functional. No extras, no waste. Every element including shapes, color palette and typography is necessary. A simple geometric shape or form is given the power to stand in for a more complex object or idea. Simplicity in form and composition is valued above all things. Minimalism works because our eyes and brains only have a finite amount of attention to give to a design. By giving our eyes fewer items to consider, we devote more attention to the ones that are there."

Minimalist poster design is critical because you have a short amount of time to connect and get the reader to act. With less to clutter on the page, you're able to make your CTA clean and clear.

Check out the following 15 designs and customizable templates to create a minimalist poster design that packs a powerful punch.  

1. Juxtapose Color with a Bold Header

Church Weekend Volunteer Template

To keep your overall design minimalistic, while adding pops of bright color, relegate your color to background graphics. Then overlay a powerful header area, like this black box with white font. The effect is still clean, but the header stands out to drive home the messaging. 

2. Accentuate With a Patterned Background 

Fun Retirement Party Poster Template

Minimalist doesn t have to mean boring. Liven up your design with a patterned background. Customize this template with your business or event information but keep a lively background image for a pop of color and character. 

3. Use a High-Quality and Relevant Image 

Yoga Studio Class Poster Template

With this template, the large image speaks for itself. The viewer immediately understands this poster is for a yoga studio or event. Use a similarly obvious image on your poster and let the visuals do the talking. Avoid stock images that are stiff and boring and instead, use branded images wherever possible.

4. Fill the Space with a Diagonal Orientation 

Food & Clothing Drive Poster Template

A simple way to create a minimalist poster design that still packs a punch is to play with orientations. A diagonal header, like in this template, will fill the space better than its horizontal counterpart. Not only is this look clean, but it draws the eye in because it s both clean and different.

5. Try a Themed Font 

Bluegrass Festival Poster Template

Use a font that matches the theme of your event. The header font for this bluegrass festival fits with the overall aesthetics of the music genre, making the message clear while providing a clean overall look. Luckily, MyCreativeShop has more than 150 fonts to choose from so you can create a poster design perfect for your marketing and messaging. Plus, we categorize our fonts, making it easy to choose which ones to use even if you aren't a designer.

6. Keep it Clean With a Sillhouette 

Church Christian Concert Poster Template

Images can make a poster feel busy, or worse, steal too much attention from the CTA. Use a silhouetted image like this picture of concert-goers, to avoid this problem. The point gets across without taking too much focus off the copy and your message. 

7. Emphasize Your Pitch or CTA 

Yoga Studio Classes Poster Template

When keeping your design simple and straightforward, emphasize the most important elements first and foremost. In this case, the unlimited classes stands out as readers scan from top to bottom. Swap the image and change the colors to reflect your business s unique pitch or call-to-action. 

8. Use Multiple Visuals (Wisely)

Senate Campaign Poster Template

Using more than one image for your minimalist poster design may sound like a bad idea, but this template proves that wrong. A strategically placed background image paired with a headshot sets the tone and drives trust by showing a face. That makes this template idea for real estate agents, politicians, and other business owners who often deal on-on-one with clients.

9. Take Advantage of Your Brand Colors 

Ice Cream Social Poster Template

One strategy for creating a cohesive poster design is to make use of your brand colors. This poster uses their brand color, teal, everywhere. It brings cohesion to the poster and pulls together the messaging without needing a busy design or image.

10. Use Complimentary Fonts for Variety 

National Strawberry Day Poster Template

Don t let your poster become monotonous or flat with minimalist design. Instead, give it life with fonts that tell your story while maintaining an overall clean look. Using different fonts also makes it easier to break up the flow of the text, keeping the reader interested. The trick here is to make sure you pick fonts that pair well together. If you re not sure how, check out our font guide.

11. Get Literal With Imagery 

Help Us Fundraise Poster Template

Make it obvious that you re raising money for a cause with a template like this. Using stacks of coins hits the nail on the head and ties into your fundraising messaging, all with a clean background and uncluttered feel. 

12. Make Your Header Impactful 

Back To School Fundraiser Poster Template

Use a strong header to display your business name, event, or promotion. While the colors in this minimalist poster design cater to making it more eye-catching, you can easily swap out with your branded palettes, logo, and branded elements. Just keep the header bold. 

13. Incorporate a Touch of Elegance 

Art In The Park Poster Template

To reach a sophisticated and upscale audience, create a poster with stylish, yet simple fonts and elements. With this template, you can promote a chic and exclusive message while still keeping it tastefully understated. 

14. Use Subtle Details 

City Pool Party Poster Template

The subtle details make this design minimalist and clean. For example, separating the header with thin lines makes it stand out while keeping it in its own space. Accentuating the information in the footer with a different background color and add another branded element above the logo keeps everything in its place. To create a poster that has room for all the necessary information, use this template and take advantage of subtle details.  

15. Go Bold with Accent Colors 

Pink Pool Party Poster Template

If you need vivid imagery, use eye-catching accent colors. You can swap out the pink for another bright color that fits into your brand guide. With the black adding a neutral look to the lower half of the poster, the design works to offset the bold colors with a minimalist feel.

Minimalist Poster Design Is In

Use minimalist poster design to appeal to your target audience while avoiding clutter. Your message stands out, your branding is obvious, and the reader is motivated to act because your call to action is able to shine through.

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